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Free Energy

We know that there are many people who wisely believe that there is technology that exists that would help free people from the grips of domination and control. Our sources concur. Besides ET disclosure, free energy disclosure is a close second of the truth movement. Many have pursued this field and have re-discovered it over and over again only to have it taken away….But why? Some theorize it is because the grips of domination and control are still too deep….other theorize that the public is not ready. Maybe there is merit to both of these statements. We are not here to question or argue the bases of either theory. We just wish to provide additional information that may give a bit more perspective to how complex this and other topics truly are. Understanding that there have been free energy machines available for some time leads to the question of why it was withheld. And it is that subject that we wish to address.

This information goes back to the 1950’s and when Eisenhower met with ET’s. Yes, from what we understand, the White House UFO fly-overs, Valiant Thor’s visit, and meeting ET’s are all true history. And during these untold historical times there were negotiations and agreements made unknown to the public. Free Energy was discussed and the agreement stated that it would not be made available to the general public. It is just that simple. We can also tell you that this agreement was to be in place for 100 years. But let us be specific….Free Energy was to be prohibited. And that is what we now wish to discuss.

What does free mean? It is our understanding that the accepted definition for Free Energy means without cost or payment. However, commerce and value and payment have become such interesting topics. Things are changing so rapidly……from precious metals, to coinage, to paper, to the paperless computer transactions. Our thoughts of value and commerce have also been changing. We now see “sweat equity” as being something of value even if there is no monetary exchange. We have also learned to value the potential of what could have been or what might be. It is done all the time in the stock market where they try to guess what is going to happen with foods and goods and services….the Baltic Dry Index. It is also done in litigation where the potential of someone’s ability to work and their potential earning capacity is used to create settlements.But….I digress…..let’s get back to the subject at hand…..oh yeah…these energy generating machines and Free Energy.

So, it appears we are actually bound to this accord Eisenhower and others signed until time is up or until a new government pens a new agreement. Well, even if we agreed…..which we do not….we still cannot get out of our minds the word “Free”. You see isn’t energy itself a commerce….not just what comes from the electrical box but our own energy. As stated in the FAQ, there are beings who use our energy for food….so even in that simplest of terms…isn’t our energy commerce? In the galactics….hasn’t it been traded for other goods? Our understanding is yes it has. And apparently potential energy is also harvested for energy/food. Seems that there has been a lot of stealing of our energy…..and it is our understanding that there has been more stealing of our energy than allowed by the accord. But since the accord has been kept a secret…well…who is there to call foul.

We also want to bring up how we have been tricked to give our energy freely instead of protecting it. Please understand, the entities who have gone much further in their education to the point that they themselves can be a planet (such as earth) are in no way weak or unhealthy or need our energy. They are so far ahead of us and have well passed the stage of knowing how to handle themselves. They have not been drained or fallen to sleep….or whatever the story is that makes you feel you must lend support to them by sending your energies to them. So when you participate in such activities, you are giving it to the false entity who made you believe you needed to give it up to help. Now honoring them with a gift…like a piece of food, that will deteriorate into the soil and bless the ground with nutrients…well, that is just fine….and lovingly appreciated. Your energy, though, is not needed. From what the guides have told us, any teachings from any source that suggests that any energy needs to be directed at those entities….or parts of an entity…. that are considered a “higher” being….more than normal humans is all mis-truth to harvest your energy. Period.

So let us just get to the bottom line. We call foul. We have now grown in understanding to value all forms on energy exchange not just that which keeps the light on and our soda pop cool. And we now recognize that we have been abused and our energy stolen…..And we want the stolen energy back….from every person it has been taken from and from every potential energetic event as well. And we want it back in the form of our choosing. We choose these devices… longer to be called Free Energy devices….but Earned Energy Devices. The coffers for these have been filling for years and it will take a long time for the re-balancing to be complete.This formal petition of the galactics and the governments who penned the accord IS Not in violation of any facet of that agreement.To us, it is a fair remedy and resolve to an injustice perpetrated by unscrupulous beings bent on maintaining domination and control via secret agreements and knowledge deficit of the general public.

If you discern truth behind this message and agree please speak out loud your petition. We can assure you it will be heard. And please, do not refer to these machines as Free Energy Devices anymore….for they are Earned.

And to the galactics who have heard our formal petition….this must weigh upon your hearts as well.I hope it now clears the path for inspired thoughts to flow freely and for the protection of those trying to re-event these machines once again.

Let it be forever so!

Chris and Joanna

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