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The True Origin of the Species

When you look outside, what do you see? Do you see grass and trees? Do you see water or ocean? Do you see rocks and mountains? What about animals? Do you see birds? Do you see cows or horses or cats or dogs? And have you seen how they all relate to one another? Have you witnessed the divine dance between animals and nature? It really is remarkable. How these separate entities seem to intermingle in an instinctual way that seems so seamless. Fish know when to swim upstream, others know when to hibernate, while others know exactly which beach to inhabit and deposit there eggs in exactly the right spot. Such is that of the nature code.

Epsilon oversees the Nature Code. This grouping consists of more than just the plants you see….but also the animals. And like any family grouping, they feel one another….knowingly or unknowingly….Which aids in their dance. It, however, does not end there. No. There is way more to the Nature Code than humans currently understand. So, deny the known. What we mean by this is the current organizational chart known to humans on earth needs a bit of revising. And it needs to start at the top.

For most reading this, there is an accepted viewpoint that we come to this earth from somewhere and then return to there after our human skin suit dies off to release the greater soul. We have been trying to provide an enhanced view that not only is that true, but once we fully remember our soul’s origin that we may not look exactly as earthly humanoid as once thought. That there are many worlds and many entity groups out there…..and you could originally be from out there somewhere.

So we need to revise one main thought currently held by most humans here on this earth. And that is that humans only possess a consciousness of self and higher level thinking. This is what has been taught over the centuries and ingrained into most psyche….leading to the conclusion that if an entity is animal in appearance that it is inferior.In more recent years, it may seem that way. However, when you look at ancient cave carvings and art….well, there are animal entities. And they sometimes look like they are definitely more than a “dumb” animal. From what we understand, many entities who have a more traditional animal look, indeed have consciousness of self with all of the higher level thinking once only attributed to earthly humans.

Another enhancement we wish to state is that the members of the Nature Code are more than the elements and simple animals. Epsilon overseas many races that are highly advanced. And as we raise ourselves into these new energies, we shall begin to see and hear from these beings as well.

Discernment will always be important….Like with humans, one must learn to discern if an individual of any group is benevolent or not. From what we have seen, there are good and not so good beings within all of the groups. So, discern every entity separately.

So again, deny the known. We want to begin our talks of other entities with a group from the Nature Code. Forget every myth you have ever heard of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. As of most things, our understanding of the truth is a much larger tale than any book has told. Before tackling disclosure of the stars, we need to know what is currently here with us…. And yes, they are most certainly here.

So we hope you join us tomorrow to continue this discussion. We need to begin again and deny what we have been taught to allow the vastness of Source’s many creations to be accepted as reality. For those who can, there is a whole multiverse of experiences waiting.

Chris and Joanna

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