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Archonian Binary Network

You may have heard the term Archonian Binary Network before in some past shows and personal sessions and now is the time to really make people aware of this and how it affects people on a day to day basis. This is separate from the controller sphere beings but it is also somewhat the same because it affects behavior in a way to interfere with one’s free-will and allows easier molding of the masses to allow for easier domination and control.

The controller sphere beings are 100% alien artificial intelligence at its scariest. In the past month, there has been a lot of movement to deal with this issue. We were often counseled to stay out of this issue because it was considered to be remnants of an old war. And currently, benevolent beings have dealt with many of them…..starving them of the energy needed for survival. To date, we have been told that there are still controller sphere beings hiding who still control other beings and are continuing to harvest energy, but they are being found and benevolent beings will continue the search and then starving method until they are gone. These controller sphere beings are considered overage and are not meant to move forward with humanity.

The Archonian Binary Network is a whole different animal….literally. This system was brought into being by malevolent humans. Our understanding is that the humans were assisted by alien technology and encouraged mentally to do this, but the humans had their own disgusting reasoning for developing it. These humans also worshiped the aliens who gave them this technology. These were their “Gods”. And now that many of their “Gods” are now gone, and their mental influence is also gone, you would have hoped that these humans would want to be more kind. However, malevolence was their free will choice. And there is no intent to turn this system off.

The Archonian Binary Network is literally streamed unnoticeably over the airwaves of TV, internet, and through satellite. It is streaming in subliminal messages and affects those who are susceptible to its influence. It is more responsible than most realize as to why you get so hooked into watching or hearing certain things as well as why some are so driven to purchase certain items or programmed to promote (co-create) self-illness. It’s goal is to maintain a “dumbing down” of humans……meaning keeping them preoccupied with topics they control….stagnating people and not allowing time for soul development. This is where the “sheeple” effect comes in. And humans have been bathed in this for a while now and have become saturated by this down to the cellular level. So for those of you who have had an addiction to buying everything you see on TV, no, it is more than just your inability to control yourself….Unless this was a desired soul experience …..Which last time we checked….not on the top of most people’s list….it is programming courtesy of the Archonian Binary network.

So now is the time to truly understand the second half of major interference to our lives. Because although there is no intention to shut it off, it does not mean we have to accept this in our lives. We can free ourselves of this nefarious control system…..but we had to know it existed first. So join us tomorrow as we discuss this further. We will provide our understanding of how it came into being and what we can all do to negate its ability to influence our lives.

Chris and Joanna

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