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The Bridge

Oh, Yea. And we are not talking Golden Gate or London. Nope, it is more like the Indian Jones version where it is all rope and wood slats….swinging over the gorge. Welcome to 4D. Do we get on the bridge or not? Looking behind is 3D, duality and all of the past…..thoughts, biases, and dreams anchored to that world of duality. Looking across is 5D…..a yet unknown or at least an un-re-discovered land of experiences. For many of us, it was easy to want to jump and then actually jump into 4D….so here we are. The funny or not so funny thing…. depending on how you are doing….is that the bridge did not originally look so long.

4D is known by many to be the transition zone between 3 and 5D. And we concur. However, as we have said many times in the past that information out there written for all to read is composed of truth and mis-truth. So it is our understanding that the truth is that 4D is a transition experience. Mis-truth is that we just basically fly right through it. So why mis-truth? Well, as we have said before, to who’s benefit would being disappointed and feeling like a failure serve? The darkness perhaps? Unfortunately this is how truth and mis-truth have worked over many a year. Because as we said before, there was the thought that people would only discern good and feel it. Then be willing to overlook the mis-truth and label it as truth as well. Then the psyche turns inward with shame, blame, and guilt. And the darkness smiles….because they put up a picture of a beautiful colored holographic bridge and now on it, you see it for what it is.

This bridge only holds space for one….and only one…. to cross over one at a time. And without a lot of extra weight like idols and ideas, or biases and beliefs that will not serve you in 5D. That backpack has to be put down…..not only yours, but the ones you hold for others as well. So now you realize that the only person who is going to get you across this bridge is yourself…..hand grab by hand grab, step by step. This is the graduation march….The path to enter 5D.

Since when is transitioning easy? When you think of all the things that come into people’s lives with transition, what normally comes to mind? There is the obvious… birth, death, marriage, divorce, separation. This can be quite hard. But what about other types of transition? What about learning to ride a bike. Once we learn a bit of steadiness we pedal with either training wheels on or a loved one’s grip. There comes a transition time that they are going to let go….and we are off. But loving family often likes to build confidence first. So they may assist still for a while even though you don’t know it….or better yet, you ask them to still hold on and not let you go. They do of course, every now and then, until you or they or both decide it is time to fly.

For those who wanted hands off first, may be this is an easier transition. However, we have to say that duality was not kind in the confidence department for most, so we think it is more of not wanting them….and by now you should discern I mean the guides….to let go. You may have all the skills down pat that you need, but still freeze a bit by the thought. Or should we say….. mis-thought.

What do we mean, mis-thought? “What is wrong with not wanting them to leave?” you may be asking…. Nothing, nothing at all. We have to tell you that it is normal not to want loving family (or guides) to leave. And in duality it causes a bit of anxiety and fear. And who loves anxiety and fear? You know who by now. There they stand to take this already existing emotion and grow it to the point that you feel you are alone…. The guides and Source are not here. That can be paralyzing to have you co-create that fear. That is all it is…. a destructive exaggeration of a normal feeling. This is the mis-thought because quite simply it is not true.

So now, you stare at that bridge. Will you cross? As we have said, there is no right or wrong answer. It is entirely up to each one of us as our Source given right. So join us tomorrow as we discuss further this time of transition and what we understand as the entanglements we are all undoing to cross this bridge.

Chris and Joanna

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