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The Lifting Mission Statement

To provide enhanced knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of the truths related to the world around all existing in the now... Past, present, and future.

Welcome to The Lifting!


"Hi Everyone, I am Christopher Stephen Jacobs.

For the past 20 years I have been known as a psychic medium, channeler, remote viewer and healer. During my sessions with clients I assist people in clearing their energy fields of unwanted energies to bring them to their optimal health.

Sometimes these unwanted energies come in the form of attachments or oppressive entities siphoning off your energies. I have also helped people with past life issues; assist with contact with guides and loved ones; and assist in understanding your galactic history and soul mission.

I have also been given the gift as a channeler with a wide range of frequencies to speak to many different entities out there. This enables me to see more of our galactic family and be able to bring to you more information on our true galactic history and the learning experience we are in.

 It is an amazing time and we are growing into new energies that will enable us to become more sovereign and co-create the experiences we desire.

I was called to try and bring much of this information to as many who would like to hear it….And so in January 2017, my partner, Joanna Michaels, and I began the mission with this website called The Lifting.


Why is it called The Lifting? Well, because many of us have had many past life experiences here and some of them were not very uplifting to humanity. In fact, we had a great fall, but that was then and this is now. Now, we are lifting ourselves up out of the grips of domination and control and remembering ourselves for the great souls that we are. So we want to share all we know to aid in The Lifting."

- Christopher Stephen Jacobs

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