Contact information

To contact The Lifting team, email us at Allow for 72 hours for a response. Due to lingering email issues, if you do not hear from us, send a new message.

Please us contact in advance before paying for any sessions. Please be aware you are paying for the date and time, as well as the session. PAYMENT IN FULL is required to reserve the time slots for the one hour session. Cancellations MUST be at least two weeks prior to set date. Please, DO NOT cancel the same day or the day before, this makes it so that we cannot fill that time slot. Please note that all monies are non-refundable. A fee of $100 will be applied to last second cancellations. You will see a paypal invoice labeled, "No Show/Last Second Cancellation Fee".

Please note, that if a session goes over time, we will require our time be compensated. Chris only conducts one session a day, and as such, payments are a single day's salary. Please keep this in mind.

Also, if you must be late to a session, please send a message to our email,, to tell us that you will be late. Otherwise, Chris will wait approximately 15 to 20 minute for you on zoom. Once the allotted time has elapsed, Chris will end the zoom meeting and you must reschedule your appointment whether it is paid for or not. Also, if you are a no call, no show 2 or more times, unless it is from an emergency situation, no more sessions will be scheduled further with you. If you have paid and are a no call, no show more than 2 times, consider what you paid forfeit with no possible chance of a refund.

In the case of sessions done by phone, Chris will call you at the appointed time. However, if you do not pick up after repeated attempts to call, also after 15 - 20 minutes have elapsed and no call back, you must reschedule your appointment whether it is paid for or not.

Please understand that our time and effort is no different than any other profession. Thank you.

Please be aware that we live in Arizona, U.S.A. and Chris does his sessions in the morning, usually at 9a.m. AZ (Arizona) Time. In the Spring, AZ Time is aligned with Pacific Standard Time, and in the Fall, it is aligned with Mountain Standard Time.

Also, we would like to point out due to the extremely chaotic energies of 2020, 2021, and 2022, Chris has reserved the right to cancel a session at last second if he feels the energies are either too harmful for him to channel or conduct a session properly, or if he feels that a harmful energy might be passed on to the client. We here at The Lifting do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause for you. Though we do strive for professionalism, and doing this may seem extremely unprofessional, it is sometimes, but VERY RARELY, necessary. Scheduling accommodations will be made. Thank you!


Christopher Stephen Jacobs

Psychic Medium - Remote Viewer - Healer

I, Chris Jacobs, will no longer be offer the 1 and a half Hour Sessions and 2 Hours Sessions. It is far too taxing on myself and Joanna. However, the people that we have worked with up until this point still may have 1 and a Half Hour Sessions and 2 Hour Sessions. You all know who you are and YOU ARE MUCH LOVED AND APPRECIATED! You will be grandfathered in under the old rules and price. Thank you!


If you want Joanna and myself to come to your home or place of business to clear and bless it, we can, but all travel expenses, plus the fee must be paid. We will also leave you with a few tools of your own for your home or business to help protect it.


I, Chris Jacobs, will also clear the business/home owner. We will NOT clear and bless multiple homes/businesses on site unless those home/business owners consent to the clearing and blessing, as well as pay for their very own clearing and blessing session, thank you!

Expenses may include, but are not limited to:

- Travel Time

- Gas

- Food

- Airplane Tickets

- Hotels/Motels


Joanna Michaels

Psychic Intuitive - Reiki Practioner - Teacher

We do not conduct dual sessions any longer. At fairs, it is just Chris that performs sessions. Thank you!

Katryna Schaf
Anima De Verum - Psychic Medium - Remote Viewer