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When will there be disclosure?

There is great confusion over the topic of disclosure. So let’s first define disclosure. Disclosure is: the action of making new or secret information known. It is our understanding that in the simplest of terms disclosure….relating to the existence of other worldly races…. has been happening for quite some time. Many persons have written about, spoken about, and made movies about different subject matter. This type of disclosure requires the individual to rely on their own sense of discernment to determine whether they can accept this information as truth or mis-truth. This has often been thought of as “soft” disclosure.

When many speak of wanting disclosure, we interpret this as wanting a very public announcement with irrefutable evidence, inclusive of having such entities available for view….and a nice ride in their craft. If this is what you mean, then the answer is as follows: There can be public disclosure when the public as a whole is ready. And the public as a whole is not yet ready.Disclosure off the public stage will continue and there will be more and more reports of personal encounters. Each person will need to discern what they believe.

If you feel you are ready for a personal encounter or experience that will give you the affirmation that other worldly races exist, then put that desire out there. You should feel comfortable in protecting yourself and discerning before you begin. Ask your guides to assist.


Chris spoke of disclosure on 12/21/2017….Is that date still good?

Christopher S. Jacobs channeled another being, named Sebastian, in the fall of 2015, that stated a disclosure event will occur on 12/21/2017.  There was more to this statement than just the disclosure date. There was referencing to humans, referred to as “The Changers”, doing what was necessary to bring about a more public disclosure event.  Since that channeling, with consultation of guides and personal reflection, Chris believes that no one should give firm dates on disclosure….and what is given as a firm date by an entity should not be thought of as a firm date. There are many reasons for this. First off, the galactics do not measure time like we do. It is hard for any galactic to translate potential events into our timeline. Second, the potential timelines are becoming more and more pliable as the human co-creative abilities become more instantaneous. Events can literally change on the dime in these new energies.

It is recommended that people focus internally and then externally on co-creating an environment ready for public disclosure.

Why won’t the Galactic’s save us?

Unbeknownst to many, several galactic races have been helping the human race for quite some time. It has just not been done in a very public manner. From what we understand, they have assisted in: ET abductions, Chernobyl,Fukashima and many other issues. They have also been present among us to assist in our raising of frequency to learn and stop unwanted negative behaviors within our own communities. The galactics will not just come down and take over governments.  We must grow and save ourselves….just as they did when they vibrated at our frequency. It is a part of our learning process.


Why do the Grays Abduct People?

This is another more complicated question. First off, it is our understanding that it is more than just the different races collectively known as “the Grays” that are abducting people. Humans have also been abducting other humans for quite some time as well as other races not known to most humans.

The list of why people are abducted includes some of the following:

  • Genetic manipulation

  • Harvest of genetic material to assist the abductor race in preserving their species

  • Harvesting of energy that is utilized as food in some ET races

  • Slave trade

  • Their talents or DNA is considered valuable and desired by  the Cabal

Those humans that are returned usually have their memories wiped; however this does not permanently work on everyone. Sometimes people are re-abducted just to re-wipe memories that seem to be bleeding through.


Is Sananda and Jesus the same person?

No. These are two separate entities. Sananda is a service to self being.


What books are accurate?

It is our understanding that there are no current books that have been published that contain 100% correct information.  We have been told that the highest percentage of correct information in certain books is 70-80%. This includes such works as The Law of One materials. It is up to each person to discern what information is correct and what information has been received through a personal bias or inserted to mislead.


How many ET races are there?



Why do I have to keep repeating Revocations and Wards?

Many revocation and wards end in a statement of…..It is Forever SO!  This is a wonderful way to show determination and assertion of free will. However, it is not quite enough. Our understanding is that one must possess unwavering knowledge that it is forever so….both consciously and unconsciously. It is hard enough to tackle our conscious thoughts that make us doubt. However, there is subconscious programming running underneath that also keeps us opening the door of something we want to close. We are just beginning to learn about how to truly show our sovereign free will. It is a process. So do not be hard on yourself. Try to first notice any conscious thoughts that enter your minds that actually question if what you just gave a revocation or ward about is real…or will it work.  This actual questioning will crack the once shut door….and potentially provides an opportunity for re-entry. If you feel you have your conscious behavior under control, then there is the whole subconscious area to explore. Since it will take some time to fully understand our own subconscious, we suggest people add a statement to their revocations to ask their guides to intervene if any subconscious thoughts  enter that could detract from the revocation or ward.

When is your new radio show?

Our new radio show, The Lifting, starts January 10, 2017 and will be every Tuesday evening at 8p.m. - 9p.m. EST.

The call in number is (712)775-7035. The Participant Code is 356878.

Every other Thursday, starting January 19, 2017. There will be a show just for listener questions.

If you have any additional questions, please send them to

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