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THE  LIFTING, Episode #1: Protection


Christopher S. Jacobs


Joanna Michaels




Episode #1  / Jan. 10th, 2017




Joyous the Lygarian


This is Joyous that is actually coming through at the moment and for people that are on this call that are not familiar with Joyous or his people, I will give a very brief run down.


Joyous is a being known as a Lygarian. The Lygarians themselves as a people… they look like a Frog type being.  They are tall, upright Frog looking beings.  They have been called by other Galactics… they’ve been called the “joyous ones.” This is why Joyous uses the name that he does.  They have always been known to be happy and joyful in some way.  They have also been called the ones of story time or the beings of story time.  You might actually recognize his people from the book series The Wind in the Willows. He told me to pay close attention to these story books of children that have frog like figures in them because they were being depicted and the place where Joyious’ people come from is the Andromeda Galaxy, but they… for the most part… anymore live in the Pleiadian Star Clusters.


So, I am going to bring him through for the subject of “PROTECTION.”           

JOYOUS: "Greetings, all of you… listening to… within ear shot of my voice.  I am the one you know of as Joyous."


I wish to state to all of you joyful ones listening tonight… the concept that has been therefore discussed. Protection is the most important of concepts. You, as extensions of the One Creator Consciousness… the joyful ones, in the newest age upon your world… must adhere to seeing yourself as the individuals that you are, correct? But in this instance you must also see yourself as “One” with everything.  Keeping your identity intact is most prevalent. Keeping and honoring to the Oneness is most prevalent. Become your most authentic self also… by saying you are “One with Source.” “You're one with everything.” “You are protection itself.” “You are creation itself.” “You are One with all things… you are One with my people.”   


I am a mirror for you joyful ones and you are a mirror for me joyful ones. We are all mirrors for each other. We all feel the pain and the anguish of each other. We all feel the joy and the happiness of each other. This is what my people had to learn many, many centuries ago when we too were oppressed at one time.


You may be wondering why do I act so joyful now that I was oppressed.  For one… this was so very long ago, but we as the Lygarian Species know of this, acknowledge this, and have bypassed this… acknowledging that… “We are “One” with all things.”  “We are joy itself.” “We are joyfulness.” “We are happiness.” “We are balanced.” "We are discernment.” “We are the all-seeing knowingness in each other.”  


We see…yes, but this does not mean we are above you. We are your equals because we are One with all things, as are you. We share no title above each other in a… as you would say… hierarchical fashion because we do not acknowledge one higher or lower than ourselves. We acknowledge you as our brothers and sisters in the sun.  We acknowledge all things joyful and all things positive and all things balanced and all things authentic, as some would say. This is what I have come to say this evening.  But just know that… the joyous ones watch over you always… our dearest joyful brethren in the sun. Thank you." 






He is a member of the Native American Pleiadian race of people… we would recognize as the Ancient Mayans.


Now, people have thought that some of the Native American Species… our people… came from the Inner Earth… this is only a half truth.


His people have been coming to Earth for generations… they themselves were oppressed, by our standards not that long ago… but before that time some of their people came to Earth. Some of them went to Mars and then from there went down to the Inner Earth… like with blond haired Nordics.


This particular race is one that is going to make more and more contact with us as time goes on. They are going to be the forerunners for... as we would think of as disclosure. But… they are going to do it slowly. They are going to be our neighbors, our brothers… very much like other Galactics have said through me over the many months. But… the difference between some of them and this particular race is this:  This particular race is more like your average Joe… They look Native American.  They essentially are Native American, but they are more like our average Joe. We would get along better with them instead… say an eight foot tall Nordic that we would have to look up to all the time.  


These people are our height, are our weight, our look, our type, and this is why they have been chosen for this.


Chuwanda is coming through this evening to also talk about this topic of ‘PROTECTION” and I am going to let him take the floor…..


CHUWANDA: "Greeting all, my name as this one (Chris) has said is “Chuwanda”.


I am of a race of people your people know quite well in your histories. Think of the Ancient Incian Empire, Mayan Empires, and your many scattered Native Tribes. I share cousin-ship with all of them and to you my dear brethren – humanity. 


I wish to state a most important topic this evening… one of  “Protection of Self” and “Protection of People around you.” This is a concept my people had to learn, as you would say… “the hard way” as well… from our oppression from the ones you know of called the “Draco” and “AI”… artificial intelligence and the like.


What I state now is this: When you are undergoing a metamorphosis or transformation or even a possession, as you humans put it, or as you say… an oppression moment. Other people around you become terribly affected by these particular instances. It’s so very important to actually keep your inner core safe from these beings because in an instance where you are in a household say… with at least one other person or many other people. Your accordance or agreement with darker beings actually harms the people around you. This is something my people learned and had to learned over and over and over again in order to be able to teach this, this night.


I myself a very, very long time ago, by your standards, was within our household with many of our extended family members. In this particular instance, I myself became terribly crippled by that of what you would call a demonic possession. This is actually a variation of internal programming allowing the allowance of said entity to transport within the Soul Seat of one. But that is not why I am here to state this.


My factual upbringings in this instance bore truth in this particular instance as I went through these terrible… as you would say… “possessions”.  People around me began to feel the energy friction on an intuitive level. They began to generate fear energy. Began to generate friction on an electrical… electronic level, which not only affected our technology, but then allowed these particular beings to… as you say… “body-jump” from one person to the next, which caused even more chaos… is because of my mistake in that instance thinking that I could withstand such things. I did not protect myself properly by acknowledging myself as being the “god within”.  I thought that I could withstand any storm and stand on the precipice of change and the precipice of oppression and not have my family get gradually, as you say… oppressed. I was actually wrong by not protecting myself and not protecting my inner core. I actually became just as harmful to them as the being that harmed me was to me.


So, if I could give any advice here now is this: Please not only think of just yourself in an egocentric way. Think of yourself as the “God Within”. Therefore, this transmutes to people around you and you are not allowing in something that could potentially harm the loved ones around you. This is what I have come to say this evening, but I will be back on future shows through this one to tell people more about my home planet and other concepts that people wish to know about myself and our roll on your world thusly. Thank you."




(Transcribed by:  Lana)

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