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The Lifting: Blog Introduction

The Lifting: Blog Introduction

Welcome to The Lifting webpage. It is our hope that you will find inspiration, peace and a better understanding of what is occurring in our world in this day and age. In order to understand our website and works you need to know our perspective about humanity’s journey….be it personal, societal or as a whole as well as our perspective on non-earthy beliefs…be it ghost, guides, or the galactics. We believe we are living in unprecedented times. A time where individuals can rise in vibration and gain more mastery of the world around them as well as our slow introduction into the cosmic community.There is so much to talk about and share. It will take time to absorb and process the knowledge and changes we are all going through. So, we wish to offer ourunderstanding to assist as many as we can in this journey. With that, let’s talk basics….we are operating under the following premises:

  • We are not here by happenstance. This is a learning environment. This school was allowed by the one who is all. Some may think of this entity as God, but we refer to this entity as the Source. The source then allows others to put together a learning curriculum and then students are allowed in to complete the courses. There are many grade levels to experience. Once done with this curriculum then a soul moves on to other learning experiences.

  • We are all a part of the one source and as earth humans have unique DNA with free-will and co-creative abilities. That makes us partly responsible for what we decide to learn and do. We have used our free-will, but have oftentimes been tricked into agreeing to things we would not otherwise want. As we learn more about this we will be able to break free of giving away our free-will and do more with these co-creative abilities.

  • We are not alone. There is more here and beyond earth than many know about or see. There are many different races and cultures out in the vastness of space……some within the same confines of the “school system” we are apart of and some in other education systems set up with their own rules and curricula. There are also more species and cultures on our own planet that most humans are aware of. They have been here for a long time and have elected to not normally interact with most humans.

  • We are moving into a new grade level….a new lesson plan…for those ready to graduate. New energies are streaming into this universe that will raise the vibration of those who are ready. The decision is a soul based decision and is honored by the Source. No one is forced to move on in “grade-level” if they are not ready. Since a soul lives forever, each can take the pace it needs to learn and grow.

As simple as we have tried to make these few basic premises, there is great detail involved in each one. Our goal is to provide significant detail for each area. One point of interest is that we are learning that there can be many perspectives to one topic. It appears that this occurs due to current knowledge and experience in whatever subject matter. For example, it’s easy to conclude that humanity may be lacking knowledge and experience when it relates to the cosmos and our galactic neighbors. For some, there is only Hollywood Sci-fi films to go by….which can definitely lead to fear and mistrust of all.Many are open to belief in other beings because of multiple current religious writings….be it mention of angels or demons or other worshipped or feared entities. Within the religious spectrum also come certain thoughts of the skills these entities innately possess and their feelings towards humankind. These teachings have steered mankind’s interpretation for millennia. Then there are others, like us, who believe they have had literal encounters with beings outside of the normal category of “humans from earth.” Those that have had such experience and share them have many different opinions. Those with mainly pleasant experiences feel our “brothers and sisters” of space should be honored and trusted, while those with mainly unpleasant experiences feel they should be feared and fought. For us, we have experienced both. So, how do we feel? Well, we would say proceed….but with caution.

So, if there are dark/bad entities out there, why have we not yet been conquered? That is a question asked by many. Often the response is that because those that have learned how to space travel have also developed more spiritually and would not do something like this. All we can say to that thought is our encounters would say otherwise…..That there are both benevolent and malevolent races out there with far greater technology than we have dreamed of.So, why no invasion yet? Our understanding is that there are certain controls placed on the learning experience. So, if this creation did not have a “this world will be conquered” theme of learning, then it would not occur. So, at this moment in time it appears to not be in the script.

Many believe that once we reach this new frequency that our minds will instantly expand and our abilities become instantly enhanced. There is also a thought that in these new frequencies challenges and negativity just disappears….like a heaven on earth. If you are of this camp of thought, with no interest in seeing another’s experiences and perspective, then I would definitely say this website is not for you. Our perception is that since we are here to learn then that is what we will do. We will grow into these frequencies and not skip the education on what it is to totally experience it….mind, body, and spirit. This will then take a bit of time. So, let’s talk….about time.

Our belief is that time as we know it is just a social agreement. We have chosen to call one day 24 hours. We have chosen to call a year one trip around the sun. And when we were not happy with what we originally chose, well we changed time by adding daylight savings time. From the conversations we have had with others in the galactics, others races do not view time in this manner. In fact, many have said that seeing time in a linear fashion is totally incorrect, but used in this current level of human education to give perspective. However, as we advance in our educationwe shall grow to see things differently. Often beings say everything, past, present and future are all happening now. This is truly a difficult concept to fully grasp. We just encourage all to keep an open mind to new concepts.

This all brings us to those who have chosen to graduate and move into the new learning curriculum. We are moving from a learning experience of learning who we are by experiencing who we are not, called duality, into a curricula of understanding unity and love. We have spent quite a few years experiencing duality. In this duality there were divisions such as good/bad, light/dark, right/wrong, more than/lesser than, etc. In fact, there were souls that decided to play the part of ‘bad guy” to aid in our experience. Unfortunately, they got into their parts too well, culminating in extreme domination and control of the many. They were also quite sly and found a way to have people agree to things (giving away their free-will)…like reincarnation, abuse, and martyrdom, which has enslaved humanity to this day.

So, we chose “The Lifting” as a title to our website, our message, because we believe these rising frequencies are doing just that….lifting us out of the old paradigm and bringing us into this new experience. But again, this is not an instant changeover. We are to learn about the specifics of our old paradigm and want to move into unity and love. You need to be able to co-create that desire. So, in our world right now we are uncovering the truths of domination and control and how we have been enslaved. We are seeing obvious instances of corruption, racism, and hatred in order to change it. We are also experiencing a growth in our DNA that is allowing us to begin to see how we do co-create. Many people are starting to notice everything from increased intuition, to psychic abilities, to seeing other worldly and off-worldly entities. This is to help us gain the confidence to believe we can change and restructure our world and for the next stage of learning. We must do this for ourselves. It cannot be done for us.

However, we are not alone. Many people feel there are angels around to help. This is a correct statement. Just like in school there are assigned teachers and counselors and mentors to aid us in our educational process. Our enhancement to this thought is more along the lines of seeing a clearer infrastructure of the many beings it takes to have this educational system. These beings do not want to be known as Gods. They are just further in the educational process. And the further along you go; you gain more DNA abilities and more technology. For example, to a caveman, Wilbur Wright would have seemed like a God.

As the weeks go by, we invite you to join us and explore our understanding of the world we actually live in. And we have invited our galactic friends to be a part of this journey. They have graciously accepted. But before we get too deep into discussion, we recognize that many people reading this will have a desire to reach out and also talk with the galactic community. And with the rising frequencies can start co-creating these desires. So the next two blogs will discussion certain fundamentals that all persons need to know. As we said, there are both benevolent and malevolent entities. Knowing the difference is hard at times. So there are two skills everyone needs to learn: protection and discernment. If you are not skilled in this already, please consider waiting until you have learned a bit about both.

Next week’s blog is about protection.

Chris and Joanna

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