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Truth or Tradition?

We have had the chance to speak with so many different people along our journeys and one aspect seems to constantly emerge as people delve deeper into spiritual understandings….. Or as some like to say, go deeper into the rabbit hole. And that is newly rediscovered knowledge, or truths, as compared to lifelong held beliefs or traditions. This time of year is great for the full spectrum of thoughts and feelings and confusion and incongruences of one’s journey. And many are faced with a seeming conflict between these newly rediscovered beliefs and being authentic to one’s self. But what is inner conflict really? Well for us, it is just another opportunity to sit back, listen, and re-align yourself again.

So what is truth and what is tradition? Scanning the definitions available on the internet we get that a truth is: a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Okay, we can all easily agree with that. So what is a tradition? An easy definition is: the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. But since when do we do easy. Let’s get right into what we believe is a part of the rub or inner conflict people may be having….and that’s a more theological definition of tradition, which is: a doctrine believed to have divine authority though not in the scriptures, in particular. Well now, that is a rub if you feel you may be at odds with divine authority.

So with this, here we are again, right back around to the same question. What do I feel about this divinity that has been a customary belief from generation to generation? It does not matter what religious belief you hold, or do not hold, but this time of year it all comes up again to ponder and either survive to be buried again until next year or to grow and come to a better understanding. So we owe it to all of us to have an open discussion about it.

For us, we want to make sure you know that if you are having a bit of an inner conflict around this time of year, that you are perfectly normal. Remember all of what we have said about the mingling of energies. Many people around you have all kinds of feelings about this time of year and they radiate all kinds of emotions because of it……happiness, joy, sadness, depression, anxiety, disappointment….or all of the aforementioned in just one day. It is a skill to navigate and even figure out if these feelings are yours or all of the others at the store? And the pressure to pretend all is joyous is immense. I mean, who wants to rain on another’s parade right?? But we are energetic beings and pick up on others real energies whether the words and feelings match or not…..So thus more confusion.

We here all grew up with the traditions of Christianity. And as time has progressed for us all, we have accepted new truths into our lives that do not agree with those past traditions. For some of us, it seemed hard to have these new beliefs and still practice these traditions. As a normal pendulum swings, it is not unusual , at first glance, to want to reject everything related to a perceived false belief. And it is not abnormal to feel a bit betrayed for not being informed of the truths. As new energies rise, people in general are also questioning traditions and their merits. We think this is good, but, oh yeah…. there is still that rub……what if we are going against a divine authority even having these thoughts? What will happen to us if we are wrong? So, I guess we should add shame to those lists of normal emotions.

So let’s talk about it. We will give you some of the truths of the season as we know them, as well how we cope. We hope you will find it empowering and hope it assists you in self-acceptance and being your most authentic self.

Chris, Joanna, and Katryna

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