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Many Facets of a Seer – With Special Guest Robbie Thomas

Before we introduce who our guest is this week, we want to stop and pause and talk a bit about Seers. You know we believe that everyone has psychic abilities at some level given to them by Source, or God, to help them navigate this earthly experience. And we have stated quite clearly that part of the growth process occurring right now is enhancing these skills for all who wish to grow into them. But now, we wish to talk a bit more about those whose abilities are turned on and the types of contributions these Seers make.

So, again, what is a Seer? A few definitions from the google on-line dictionary go like this:

  1. a person who is supposed to be able, through supernatural insight, to see what the future holds. –or-

  2. a person who sees something specified.

Well, you know how we feel about predicting the future these days. It is our understanding that what Seers are really seeing is potential timelines and honing in on the “one” is getting harder and harder. So, what we really want to focus on is number 2, seeing something specified. And we do this because we feel people may not fully grasp the world of a Seer.

There is a reason why so many people go and see different Seers and have different experiences with each of them. Many of you have said how happy you are when Seers say the same thing, because often times they don’t. Does this mean one is “better” than the other? Well, this is where we wish to add a bit more to the conversation so you can discern that answer better for yourself.

By now, if you have followed us on The Lifting, you may have come to the conclusion that we here are a different form of Seer. And yes, compared to others in the community we certainly agree. But does that make anyone better? By now, we hope you would not just jump to “yes” and ponder this question further. In all honesty, we can say here that we do not “follow” others out there on any regular basis. Oftentimes we hear about things when you all bring it to our attention. So, is that because we do not value other’s opinions or conversations? Well, let me tell that “no” that is not a true statement….. Unless someone has said so much that we discern it is not true that we actually don’t care to follow them…LOL. But, that’s not the point! LOL…So let us get back on topic.

The point is that there is so much to talk about, there is so much to see, there are so many ways to be of service. We are talking unlimited potential and guides who even know a lot….but not all, for they admit they have a lot to learn as well. Whether or not a Seer even realizes it, they end up specializing…..because there is just too much. Is this a bad thing? Of course not….. Just look at all of the specialists in the medical industry. If you had a bad Kidney problem would you like to go to a family practitioner or a person who specializes in the kidney? Of course you would choose the specialist. So now, we are asking you to look at the world of Seers differently, and then think of what your need of a Seer is and then search for specialists.

We also want to temper this conversation with the understanding that Seers help people where the person is, not where the Seer is. Although many of you who are out there and follow us may have experiences beyond the normal “angel” and “demon” conversations, many others still only see this experience in such a context….if even that. So, there are many Seers who provide information and comfort to those at the same level of the public they serve. Is this wrong….even if they know more? Well, you do need to reach a person where they are…..don’t you? Doesn’t everyone have the right to be on their own journey and grow at their own pace? And aren’t Seers themselves always growing and learning just like everyone else.

So we certainly approve of Seers specializing and bringing out the most of themselves and the information of their specialization as well. We honor all who make such heart felt contributions and assist those in need. And so this brings us to the fun part. We want you to join us tomorrow because we have a special guest; someone who has specialized and is the Real Deal in their area of expertise.

His name is Robbie Thomas, and he is the author of Law Enforcement Endorsed Psychic Profiler, The Real Deal, True Crime Cases Volume 1.

Robbie has solved a multitude of missing person’s cases and helped a number of families with his heightened seeing gifts. We will be taping the show with our guest at the time we are normally taping it live on Free Conference Call. The Country our guest is in does not participate in Free Conference call so we cannot tape it live with you. Like always, as soon as it is finished, Chris will get it up on Youtube (that night) and send out a notification.

Chris, Joanna, and Katryna

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