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Putting Up a Finger to the Wind

Hi everyone! This blog is going to be short and sweet. Every so often we like to just stop and take a look around and see how things are out there in the chess game of what some would call “good vs. evil”. As we have stated many times, unfortunately the darkness has a mentality of “to the last breath.” And from what we have seen, we stand firm in that understanding. We have also stated that the influence of darkness in some areas such as news and other forms of media is not expunged to the depths some believe. And this is by design.

The darkness has a long history of re-inventing themselves. They do this because they cannot control individual spiritual growth (although they have tried for hundreds of thousands of years). And yes, that is no typo…..we are way older than pundits would currently state. And we state for the 3rd time that the human DNA skin suit is way older than the current theories that state we were created on earth…..way, way older. Did tinkering occur….yes, yes it did. But was it created here…no, no it was not. And we shall get into more of that in upcoming shows.

But first, let us give you our update on our understanding of what is occurring. And we shall do it in great detail. There will be a lot for you to ponder and as always, discern and keep what rings true to you.

Chris, Joanna, Katryna

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