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Why We Should Meet?

Hello out there!!! Can you see me….screaming from a distance. I kinda envision a person snowed in on a mountain top with cabin fever that bravely digs their way out to see another cabin off in the distance and decides to scream hello. This whole scenario brings up many questions to my mind, most importantly…… Why am I isolated on a snowed in mountaintop?

Well, I could just say it is because we are watching the Winter Olympics…..or because part of the U.S. has been buried in snow this winter. Or I could look a bit deeper and say that maybe I am suffering a bit from not enough sunlight and am feeling a bit blue from it, so I am feeling isolated. Or I could even say that this world has not changed to a more positive place at the rate I was expecting and so I have isolated myself. Or worst of all, I could say that I do not matter, have nothing to offer, and just want to die on this mountain top….. Which, by the way, if you have been feeling this last statement, is a pretty good sign that negative entities are messing with you.

And why do I say that, because I know that Source Does Not make mistakes and you are important. We all have purpose and I believe most of us naturally want to share and be with others. If you have listen to us over the last year we have told you of how life has kept many like-minded people separated and scattered to the 4 corners of this world. It can get lonely and discouraging at times, we know. And have felt many if not all of the same feelings you have felt at times.

So, why am I on a mountaintop? Well, for me, it is because it has the best views as far as the eyes can see. And I do see others on their mountaintops. And every now and then the suns beams light up the tops and we see each other. Then, we decide to wave and talk. And of course, we often wonder…how will this conversation go? Will it lead to loneliness and more separation? Or will I find a new acquaintance….someone I can talk to and share openly with?

Some have experienced so much negativity that they do not risk exposing their true authentic self. So just a wave will do and an acceptance that this is the way it is. Often times this leads to the thoughts of the need for a savior to come in and change the dynamics of our current life situation. It is understandable feeling this way, but it is our understanding that this will not occur. So a decision must be made. Do I keep trying, or do I give up?

And here’s the part where we just try to encourage you to Deny the Known. Many at these moments would just choose to conform and get back into the mindset of a never changing world….. Why bother? It is truly understandable. And you know who we feel is behind such encouraging thoughts.

All I can tell you is this. I felt the same way until I decided to have the courage to just talk. Then something amazing happened. In spite of all the negativity out there trumpeted by the mainstream media and “entertainment” industry; in spite of all the family who did not understand me and could not support my efforts; in spite of all the noise aiming at our heads to keep us from growing,…… there were others around me who felt the same way. I just would have never known it if I didn’t decide to share my thoughts.

So, for me, the mountain top is a beautiful place and I see you.

So, are you ready????? To talk that is????


P.S. Tomorrow’s show was pre-recorded and will be made available tomorrow.

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