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The Harmful Effects of Good Intentions

In the last blog and The Lifting episode, we discussed a topic that we feel is very misunderstood in our world and that is regarding possessions and influencing. Hopefully everyone has a better understanding of how this can affect all of us. And this week we want to continue the discussion into an area that may be even harder to comprehend. And that is the potential harmful effects of good intentions. On the surface it seems so contradictory, but it is our understanding of a great truth.

By now we hope those who have followed us have discerned that we are actually co-creators of our own experiences. I would love at this moment to ask all if they believe in the power of prayer. Do you believe that a person or persons can have such a strong intent to a healing that it actually occurs? I think many would say yes. And I also believe that these experiences are meant to be….because what a wonderful way to alert us to the fact that we actually can co-create. Now it is time to understand that ability further, to gain better control over it, for our and other’s highest good. Or at least, that is how we hope you all want it to be….for the highest good of all.

Now let us turn to another example of co-creation. For this, let’s turn to celebrities, where drama, drama, and more drama is the order of business. I wish I could say that they all knew what they were getting into when they stepped into the fishbowl, but how in the world could they. Think about some of their personal lives…..what a mess. Now think about all of the adoring and not so adoring fans out there. The extreme co-creative emotions blasting there way……ranging from I could be a better “husband” or “wife” to you….I really love you….. all the way to you are a piece of scum, a player, a Cabal agent, etc. and deserve all the misery around you. If you believe in the power of intention to heal, then you must believe in this power of intention as well…..because the universe does not play favorites in the intention game.

Now let’s turn this to us and the people around us. To really ponder this, you must first ask yourself a simple question. Have you ever thought of someone else’s life and said to yourself that they would be happier if they would just listen to your advice or just see things as you do? Or, have you ever been angry at someone and wish them unhappiness or harm? Doing this, having these thoughts has been a normal,…..and we repeat normal part of the human psyche. And as we have said before, having a momentary thought does not immediately co-create. So now ask yourself, have you dwelled in some of these thoughts? Have you spent hours or days or longer repeating this over and over in you minds? Unfortunately many of us have to admit yes to this…..and now we need to talk.

This “secret” of true co-creation abilities has been hidden and this knowledge deficit has been used against us for a long time. Evil is lazy, so why have the need to expend energies co-creating when you can manipulate people to do it for you. The goal is to understand these concepts better to break free of creating things that are not good for us or others. All we can do is control ourselves….our intentions, and then just wish for the highest good of others. Because the truth is that most of us have no clue what our own soul mission/learning experiences are in this lifetime….so how in the world can we presume we know others. Truly understanding all of the aspects of our co-creative abilities is the goal, so let’s chat.

Chris, Joanna, Katryna

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