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The Art of a Better Beginning

We have to say that when we began this journey with you one year ago, we had no idea what would happen other than our inner drive to share with you everything that we understood to be true. But we felt that this would help in making this a better world and we desired to lend our co-creative efforts to this effect. Throughout the year, we focused on this better world and the abilities of others to grow and learn of the truths of this expression and how to “turn the boat around” and take charge of personal experiences.

Peeling back the onion layers of understanding has been challenging at times. We can honestly say that we have been stunned to see the layers and layers of oppression that have been added to the backs of humanity. However, our belief that those that are ready will be heading into better times has never wavered and we are now more convinced than ever of this truth. And we shall do this ourselves….step by step, growth by growth, and accomplishment by accomplishment. All leading us to being ready to meet others awaiting in the stars.

One of the biggest challenges humanity has faced is the unseen oppression coming in the form of negative unseen energies streaming our way and affecting our consciousness. It can be in the form of telepathy from unseen negative forces or what we referred to as a binary network set up by controlling humans. But, it is very real. This interference can make it more difficult to learn needed co-creative abilities to pull us out of all of this mess. We found ourselves challenged by the vision of a better world and this current reality. But, we believe more in the vision and so we just decided to live authentically with a faith that it would be. I guess you could say that we ourselves were about to learn how co-creation works. Because, we did not need to know how to get there….just keep the vision. Then watch how it all unfolds.

We knew that this negative energetic interference had to go, but we did not know how. Then, we slowly began to learn about opposing forces. And if there was a force that held its origins in interference, then there was another that would help clear those forces. Thus began our journey learning about Orgone and all the ins and outs of it. The last six months have opened our eyes to some amazing principles and alchemical process and we dove head first into it. And now we are ready to share.

Imagine being able to create an environment where your thoughts are your own and being able to grow and learn as you desire. This is where you take charge of your own experiences….and un-learn all of the unhealthy mental habits that have held you back. This is the world we have been dreaming in and now we have something to help people attain it.

So we want to start off 2018 with what we feel are important tools to aid in our current journey, and we hope you will feel empowered. We know we do!

Chris, Joanna, and Katryna

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