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Possessions and Influencing

We want to discuss a topic that we feel is very misunderstood in our world and that is regarding possessions and influencing. This is a hard topic to really grasp for most and we like to thank current religious doctrine and the movies for much of the confusion. What has occurred with these teachings is a potential over-dramatization of what really can occur. Luckily, we are grateful that these real issues are addressed in religious doctrine and the movies, for it is most certainly a real thing. But we feel it is intentionally misleading in these arenas and thusly allowing for too much harm to still occur. So we feel we must help people have a better understanding of it all.

This is where we like to use the “bell-curve” reference. The whole entire bell curve is all the different ways a person can be possessed or influenced. But like many things, what occurs most often is seen as a part of the top of the bell. Now lines curve to both the left and the right of the main part of the bell, but it is that center part that most often occurs. So where does the behavior that religious doctrine and movies fall on this bell curve? Well, they have tried real hard to make you think that it is the middle of the bell curve…..that it is the most common behavior. In other words….”That is what possession looks like”! And it is horrible! Now we believe that people can be possessed as stated and yes it is horrible when it gets that bad. But is it the norm? No, no it is not. And this is where we need to talk.

First we must understand the dynamics of our current existence and how darkness manipulates us in more subtle ways. Most everyone understands the movie “The Exorcist”. That type of darkness is hard to deny. And as we just stated, they would prefer you believe that if darkness was involved, that it would be that type of hyper drama. But this is really to the right of a bell curve and not the norm at all. So, what is the norm? The truth is actually a bit more scary….because most of the damage from demonic entities is done in a more subtle nature… blend in and think a behavior such as just being nasty or critical or unkind or verbal abuse is just that person. And why?... Because the entities want to do their work unseen by most…… because it is all about the results of their influencing….not the notoriety of doing it.

Let’s face it, people are afraid of “The Exorcist”….in regards to “this is what a possession looks like”. And why? Partly because of the societal labeling that occurs to someone “possessed” or “influenced” to this degree. It is that terror of being labeled that keeps the concepts of “possession” and “influencing” from even being a consideration in many of our minds. That needs to change because it is very real and very prevalent and very damaging and much more subtle.

So, who benefited by putting out a movie such as this? Well, both the light and darkness benefited here. The light put out a truth of something that was real and the darkness figured it would be helpful to them because they get to continue their manipulation and people won’t talk about it because of the labeling concerns. Until now that is.

So join us tomorrow as we try to break it all down for you. Knowledge is power and there are things you can do.

Chris, Joanna, and Katryna

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