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2017, A year in Review

…..and in a blink of an eye, it was gone….2017 that is! It is hard to believe that we have all been here together on this journey for 1 year. And as we have said before, we had no clue where we would be with The Lifting Episodes when we began. We just knew that we had to take the first step and then the second and wait to see what occurred, and boy did a lot occur! How about you? Have you reflected yet on the highs and lows of your 2017? Do you even want to???

When we started reflecting here, we were actually amazed at all the different revelations and insights and ah-ha moments we each had individually, as well as those we all shared together. And so we are going to dedicate this next episode to reflecting on those moments that stand out to us. What stands out to you?

I wish we could say that it was all uphill, but we had challenging and sad moments as well, just like many of you. We all suffered loss of family and friends that made us think even more on the purpose of our own lives and the contributions we felt we were to make. Our purpose tomorrow is not to focus on these losses, so we just want to make mention of it here because our passed family and friends are often still in the forefront of our minds, as it is for you who suffered losses as well. We would just like to say that we continue to love and honor them through our works to make this world a place so that they would love to come back to and visit one day and be here in joy and happiness.

We also reflect on the galactics. We have learned more and more about them individually, as a specific race, and as a co-creative force in this expression. We were always told to “Deny the Known” and “Manifest Differently”, but now we must admit that we did not even really know the fullness of exactly what those statements meant. We realized that even thought we touted these phrases, that we were not even applying them to everything and everyone and thus were amazed when more and more of our truths needed revising. Specifically, we are referring to our own Soul House where we naturally thought and were encouraged by a bit of programming (okay….maybe a lot of programming) to see our familial guides in a bit more of an “angelic” light than they actually deserved….or wanted. But that was then, and this is now.

We must admit that it was hard to see these galactics more just like us, but just further along in schooling. It was a bit scary to think that they also make mistakes, become biased, and are learning the ropes as well. It was certainly easier to see them as omnipotent and as saviors. And this mis-truth was a hard pill to swallow. And they too needed time for reflection. In the latter part of 2017, many of them that we dealt with on a regular basis completed this reflection and are now back or soon will be. This brings us joy as well as a new perspective in our responsibilities in this joint co-creative process. They are not the same….but neither are we.

So in 2018, we do await conversation that shows their growth and maturity and allows us to take one more step into becoming our full sovereign selves….standing side by side, as partners in co-creation should be. All to say that there is one thing for sure, that The Source has a plan. Everyone, including the galactics, were challenged and everyone grew, knowingly or unknowingly, ready or not.

So with that….Bring on 2018….and don’t forget your shades….I think it is going to be bright!

Chris, Joanna, and Katryna

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