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We want to take a few moments and talk about the importance of personal protection. But before we can talk about protection we need to discuss exactly what are you protecting….and that is your own energy.

We are energetic beings. We have decided to inhabit these physical bodies for this experience; however our souls are not defined by these bodies. And as energetic beings we radiate waves of our own energy. The energy you put out vibrates at a certain frequency. And within this frequency bandwidth certain types of behavior usually emerge. You can also feel others energy whether you knowingly interact with them or not. We all somehow innately understand this because we can recognize a good mood from a bad mood and how a person acts when they are in these various moods. It also explains how when someone comes into a room we can quickly “feel” their current frequency and somehow know what to expect. Sometimes it is a higher frequency and great laughter and joy can emerge or sometimes it is a lower frequency where depression and sadness can be present. How you react to these different frequencies all around you depends on the frequency you are emitting. Understanding that the energy/frequency that we emit can dictate our behavior/thoughts/emotions is important. So is the basic concept that energy is used for fuel. Just like we can harness the suns energy for fuel, our energy can also be harnessed for fuel. It happens all the time although most do not know it. And unless you know how to bring through the unlimited Source energy to keep yourself refueled, you can certainly become depleted. Being depleted of our energy can lead to all kinds of issues… including depression, illness, and death. And as we know from those around us that we see in these conditions, it is hard to learn and grow in these states.

We do want to interject one more understanding here. We are not stating that all cases of illness, etc., are from energy being taken and it should not occur. We live in a world of needed experience. There are certainly souls that have chosen these experiences for their own personal growth. It is just our understanding that many more experience things they did not plan to or the experience is more severe than planned ….and in these cases it is because their energy is being harvested…... But by whom? Well, it can be done by various methods by various entities……including other fellow human beings. We have all run across someone who we feel is “sucking the life out of….” This again shows that on some level there is recognition of exactly what is occurring. The next logical question is ‘Why?” Well, there is the obvious….a fuel/food source. Then, there is our understanding that in the bigger concept of the darkness getting out of control….keeping us down/drained is beneficial to them. If we were allowed to be fully charged it would be easier for us to grow and learn and raise our frequency…thus ending this paradigm where they rose to completely control us.

Hopefully you can see how important it is to actually protect yourself from this harvesting of your energy. Please understand, everyone is responsible for their own energy….what you put out as well as what is allowed in. It has happened, although rare, that a person has some sort of automatic DNA protection from this type of harvesting……so in a universe where anything is possible it is certainly possible….but it is truly rare. For the vast majority of us we are susceptible. It is a misnomer to think you can be absent in this effort because you have divested yourself from it by asking someone else to do it for you. For example, asking the angels to protect you (and you do nothing) won’t get you too far. There is an expectation that this is a skill you must learn. It is understandable that children can have a little more help because…well, they are children. Many of us look back on our childhood and wonder how in the world we are alive today with all of the crazy things we did. Now that you are aware (and yes, reading this blog counts) there is an expectation that you will begin to learn this skill set. From what we have been told, your guides will certainly help you and not leave you to “sink or swim.” But there is an expectation that you will meet them half way and then continue to strengthen your skills. If you choose not to….or still believe you can just get someone else to do it for you….that is your choice. And the guides will stand by and watch until you decided that maybe you should give it a try.

We need to now address the theories that state we are moving into frequencies where this skill is no longer needed (a heaven on earth) or that a person can raise their own frequency high enough to no longer need to actively protect themselves because the darkness cannot see them anymore (darkness cannot see higher density beings). From what we understand both of these statements are not accurate. First off entities that are service to self (sometimes referred to as dark) can also rise in frequency. Our rise in frequency allows for more knowledge and enhanced skills leading to greater experiences. Many of the beings in these more advanced frequencies have impressive defensive technology because they do interact with service to self races and cultures out there. And we have been told that no human on earth will be able to raise their own frequency high enough because simply put….it is not the pinnacle of this learning experience here. So again, if you truly feel these statements will not fit into your understanding then this website is not for you. But if you are still curious or feel compelled to read on, we would like to offer some basic methods of how to protect yourself.

Let us remind you that you come from Source. You are literally a piece of the One that makes up everything. There is actually a spark…or light that emanates from you arising in your abdomen. This is your literal connection to Source. Now let us also remind you that in this learning experience we have been given free-will. So why not with that free-will imagine growing that light until you are encompassed in it. And then declare your Source-given right to be sovereign and not allow your energy to be taken any more. Think of it as putting on your amour. Do this every day and throughout the day as needed if you feel you are encountering a difficult situation. This is a very simplistic method. If you have a hard time imagining this….well, remember that song that started….”This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine….” Just start to sing it in your head and grow that light to surround yourself. See yourself as that light.

As you practice this skill, think of the purpose for any and all encounters… learn. What may not be clear to us is what we are learning, and that’s okay. Forgetting certain aspects has been a normal part of our experience. Unfortunately, this has enabled the dark side to take advantage of the situation. And again, they do not want us to learn or grow. They have gained control and do not want to give it up. It is natural to think that the darkness would promote ‘bad things” to occur to a person to keep them from growing. But it is not only the bad. They could just as easily keep you in a “positive” state and interfere with your growth. We all know the phrase that too much of a good thing can be bad. Well, that is true if it has diverted one from their learning path.For example, star gazing is good….unless you are doing it so much that you are distracted from something else….like working on a project or a relationship. Often times a good experience can lead to more than a natural passion….it can lead to an obsession or compulsion….then it may have crossed the line. We are to have both good and unpleasant experiences to grow from. So, how do you know??? You may not. And that is okay. So instead of just wanting all good, because maybe you were to have a few challenges, why not just ask for your highest good. In that sense you are asking for what is necessary to move you into these new frequencies and not unnecessary oppression or control.

So, grow that light and ask for only your highest good. Make this a habit every day and then ask your guides to shield you if there is a momentary lapse. They will assist you….you just need to meet them half way. If you wish to explore and know what is “out there” expanding your current senses, make it a habit to protect yourself before you start. You are expected to take charge of your own self and learn how to protect your energies. And note, we did say learn how. It is a process of learning.

Another important point of protection is the fine art of knowing when not to interact with another being. It is the same as knowing when not to get involved in a certain situation. So let us state clearly that no one is required to interact with all things…people or situations…. that cross their path. This is a learning lesson all of itself. Be picky. There is a lot of stimulus out there….try to gravitate to things that are only for your highest good. So what to do… do I know. Well, this is the fine art of discernment. And discernment comes from within.

So in our next blog we will talk about discernment.

Chris and Joanna

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