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In the simplest of terms discernment is the quality of being able to understand clearly. We would agree, but it is a bit more involved than just that simple statement. There are several layers to understanding this concept when it is used in a more spiritual sense. So let’s start simply and add our understanding. One aspect of applying this term would be to simply use your intellect and be able to understand if the 50 cents you are in possession of would purchase the 75 cent candy bar you want to snack on. If you know enough about math and money you would say no. But we can all recall a child who knows that there is something special about the coins and sees others using them to get what they want. This child proudly goes up to the register to make the trade…only to learn that his assumptions were not enough and his discernment of the situation was not correct. We don’t haphazardly use this analogy. We want to make a point…..and that is discernment is not a fixed skill that we will all learn quickly never needing to grow and change. Far from it….. Our discernment will always grow and change as we do. In the spiritual sense I guess you can say it will become more and more refined.

Discernment is not necessarily the easiest of skills to re-acquire and become proficient in. We say re-acquire because the human race was born with a certain amount of this skill intact, but it was slowly stripped away unintentionally and intentionally. An example of an unintentional dulling starts when we are young. How many of us saw are parents fight and knew they were fighting but when we asked were told “No, we were not fighting.” Thus begins our first “not trusting” our own discernment because we looked up to our parents and knew they told us a truth so our own feelings must be wrong. An example of an intentional dulling is found in many institutions ….from schools to religion to our government. I think we can all recall instances where our instincts differed from what we were being told. For us, what easily comes to mind is the belief of a loving God, but yet he is portrayed often as vengeful and should be feared and worshiped. In government institutions and the court systems many feel the cards are stacked against the citizen in favor of elitists and corporations. And when challenged painful consequences and a hiding behind “the law” ensures that these feelings of unjust treatment are dulled to a point of “Well, that is just the way it is.” Thus with a lifetime of a person’s discernment being challenged and eroded, a quiet acceptance takes hold. Although internally we might notice the next absurd antic, we do nothing about it.

Why do we do nothing about it? Well, our belief is that it is by design. When you lose the ability to discern, by the simplest of definitions as above, then we no longer understand clearly. So we are kept in a fog…..doing and living in a way to survive, but is not necessarily fulfilling. And given a moment to ponder, our own personal discernment may try to rise and we see clearly for a brief second. However, since we are already feeling stuck in a quagmire and don’t know how to pull out of it all it just feels so futile. So, you need to ask yourself….”Who benefits from citizens being in this state?” And again the path leads to those beings who are service to self. As we said before, this is all by design. Keeping the masses in a fog gives them a distinct advantage to be able to “take advantage”. Now we must begin the journey of relearning and refining these skills to better navigate the waters around us. And as we have said before, it is up to each one of us to slowly lift the fog in our own lives and right the ship. It is not going to be done for us.

Discernment in regards to the galactics goes hand in hand with protection. It can aid in protection form a false belief to protection from a physical harm. As said in the previous blog, rising in frequency will not place us in an environment free of needing our discernment skills. We need to know what and who we can trust….be it knowledge or entity. Try not to be fooled…..but understand it can easily happen. Those entities bent on deception are good at what they do. They can easily impersonate other entities. So besides discernment of the entity you need to discern the message. So, let’s try some simple basic skills.

First, remember that discernment is quite personal……and we are at all different levels of learning. However, there is a basic skill that works for most. Let’s try it now. So, start with the thoughts of love/like vs. doesn’t love/like. If you can, think of something you really love/like …..Do so with the fullness of your heart. Feel your chest swell and push outwards. Then think of what you love/like standing right before you. Do you feel a pull to go towards it? This feeling is a “truth”. Truth pulls you towards it. Now do the opposite and think of something you really do not love/like. Bringing this thought into your heart often gives a “sinking” feeling. Now place it right in front of you. Do you feel a repelling from it…..even to the point of wanting to double over? This is a sign of a mis-truth. Mis-truths repel. You were born with this ability to tell truth from mis-truth. Try it out….with everything. Then comes the hard part…….Now start believing what it is telling you. This will be a shock to many people. Have you trusted people, thoughts, and actions that you now….if you believe you have this innate skill… may feel differently about? So many of us have denied our own truths for so long we don’t even really know who we are….Again, by design.

Discern everything……take nothing at face level….even our post. If it does not feel right to you then don’t let it in. Sometimes it will feel like a right vs a wrong and your discernment never waivers. However, occasionally something discerned and discarded a while ago feels different now. Sure, that can happen. Discernment is just understanding clearly. So a 6th grader may discern that the physics class is just “wrong” for them at the moment only to revisit when they are in 12th grade and it is just fine now. That is fine….and why discernment is so personal. It takes into account where we are as individuals in a journey of enlightenment....And thus…another reason why someone else cannot discern your truth.

If you are actively protecting yourself and utilizing discernment please be gentle on yourself if you fail at times. It is a skill to be learned and enhanced. Always ask your guides to be at your side to assist and consult with…..that is once they have given you their identification so you know they are your guides. Asking this of them will NEVER offend them.

And just a friendly word of warning…..Discernment can sometimes lead to action or inaction. Once the fog lifts and you feel you understand the world around you better, now what? Will you be satisfied to just leave things as they are? Sometimes the answer could be yes and you finely feel free to walk away or not participate in situations you have become unnecessarily entangled in. With other situations you may feel the need to intervene and will feel like you can finely do so with clarity and confidence. One thing is for sure, you will feel better knowing you can go inside and find your current truth within.

Chris and Joanna

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