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Know Thy Self

Know Thy Self…..

Do you know who you are? Have you actually reflected enough to be able to give someone else a good description of the qualities that are uniquely you? Do you know yourself well enough to recognize when you are not being you…Could you actually determine if a mood, behavior, or even statement from you is actually reflective of the real you? Most would assume yes…Seems simple enough. However, we are learning that there has been real oppression, inclusive of influencing and enhancing already existing thoughts, feelings and emotions. So are you sure?

For me, Joanna, I can tell you that I have been spending a lot of time trying to tease out the real me that has been overlaid with and excess of fear and literal programming….that, at times, turns an ant hill into a mountain and a normal amount of caution into paralyzing fear and conspiracy against me. I have come a long way in the past few years uncovering these issues and dealing with them. I wish I could say I was through with this process. But it is a process….not an instantaneous re-birth. And believe me, I have had my anger moments with my guides wondering….WTF???!!! I mean, I said my revocation to get rid of it all….and things still pop up!!! What kind of retarded guides are you???!!! Yep….I said that…..and meant it too. Then after my pity party was done and I get up and put my big girl panties on I still seem to work on it. Sometimes I am surprised by it…I mean the fact that I keep going on with all of this. Then it dawned on me….hey, wait a minute….I do this because it is who I am. I am resilient and determined. No matter how beaten down I feel at times, I come out of it. Then, after taking a time to reflect upon my life I can remember, I see more of it emerging….time and time again. Okay now….there are two more traits that I feel confident about. Yes, I am this.

So how did I finally start to see me? I have to tell you that for most of my adult life I did not know. I was caught up in what everyone else thought. I concerned myself with what family and strangers thought of me…..did I fit in well? Would I make others proud? I focused so much on that I no longer did much that was fun for me……because, I did not want to appear selfish, of course. So I knew that I was kind and liked most people. I also figured out that I liked peace….although I could make outwardly peace with others, but found it hard to be at peace within. I finally began to see me clearly when I made a very conscious decision to be my authentic self.

So, after deciding to be my authentic self, I also decided to honor myself. So I went on a journey to do things I wanted to do. But where to begin. I started small…or big….depending on how you view it. I reflected on my life and realized what a spiritual person I was. I remember this from when I was a child….I was born in this way. So I decided to honor it. I decided that expanding in this area brought me so much joy that I should not be around persons or things that dampened it. Doors then closed, but others began to open.

I know for many of you this sounds very familiar. If you are reading from our website, then you have most likely taken a similar journey. However, besides being able to add my voice to the choir of people who understand this journey, I want to add more to the conversation of truly knowing yourself.

And the question is, “Why?” Well, besides the obvious of learning who we are by learning who we are not….because it is a part of our learning curriculum….I’d like to add other reasons. And it revolves around being sovereign versus being dominated and controlled. Because, if you don’t know who you are, then you will not be able to recognize when the darkness is messing with you…..thus you may suffer needlessly or stagnate and not live up to the potential you may have wanted out of this life.

We have seen many, including ourselves and gifted seers, recently being oppressed and suffering needlessly. These manipulations have been quite subtle at times…but there seems to be a divide and conquer component added to keep people from reaching out and suffering quietly within….Sometimes with extreme thoughts of giving up the spiritual seeking and or thoughts of suicide.What was also similar was how different an attitude and behavior became. If seen by an outsider, then it was pretty easy to say “Well, this isn’t you.” But the individual did not recognize this as maybe not being reflective of whom they really are….so they did not consider an outside force was involved. Other common traits were tiredness, wanting to reach out and then forgetting, etc. The darkness is counting on you not recognizing it so you don’t deal with it.

We want to add one more component to this discussion and that is the fact that the darkness never passes up a good opportunity to cause more grief. So what is that goodness….well it is the new energies streaming in. The energies streaming in can bring with it symptomologies as well moments where we need to just “Ride the Wave.” We say this phrase….Ride the Wave….because we have been told to do this quite often lately by guides. There is actually a cellular adaptation that needs to occur when the new waves arrive. How quickly this occurs to each individual varies as well as their specific symptomology.

Sometimes it is quite hard to tell oppression from these new energies…..we know this from our own experiences. So what is our advice…?

Talk to others and see how they are doing…. If it is the new energies you will find you are not alone. All will seem tired or anxious or agitated or just not quite right. Take time to rest. Know that this will pass. You are not regressing. It’s when you start to doubt yourself or feel badly about yourself that the opportunity may arise for the darkness to compound it even further.

Protect yourself and ask for the guides’ assistance. For those who do not feel they know yet how to do this, we offer the following:

Visualize your core light from within the abdomen coming out and circling your body….like a shield.

Say the following several times a day from your heart:

I am one with all, I am creation itself.

Nothing shall enter my energy field… body, mind, spirit

or my home or place of business

that is not for my highest good.

I ask my guides to have my back in this matter.

On the way home from work…..

Nothing is allowed to follow me or try to attach to my energy fields.

Nothing is allowed in my home temple that is not for my highest good.

In regards to the darkness and their enhanced techniques, in hindsight, it makes us want to say….well they stepped it up…must be doing something right! J

Please remember the inner work is so important… is the key. So if I re-titled this blog to my true point it would be:

Know thy self….so you know when you are potentially being manipulated.

Peace, Love, Family……all else is noise. Inner peace, inner love, and then family…in that order.

Join us this Tuesday for a discussion about the types of manipulation and programming used to control us.


Chris and Joanna

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