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Changers and Anti-Changers

It is said that in this universe there are many constants and facts. People see facts as what they can see, smell, hear, and taste, but true facts are those things that seemingly defy our so-called factually based world. A true fact never wavers in the face of temporal paradoxes, negative influences, and the like. No, a true fact is unchanging. An example of this is what we know of as physics for instance. Though many ET races may have technology that appears to be magical or appears to defy the known laws of physics, it really is not defying anything at all. It just so happens that the beings that created it had a better grasping on the true factual laws of physics than we do.

In society, there is a single constant that everyone on Earth has come to know quite well although it may have gone unrecognized. This constant is known as change.Yes, change itself is a constant… a fact. It is the basis for all growth in the universe and happens every day on our world. So facts are comprised of both seemingly opposite dynamics….something unmovable and something that is movement itself.These two dynamics work together pushing the dialog of our universal educational system down the path of its original creation.

Within this construct of the cosmos arose a group of beings that would become the embodiment of change itself. This leads us to the topic of changers. These changers, as we have come to call them, have only one purpose, and that is to help the energies bloom and prosper by helping others heal, move forward, dispel untruths about known belief systems, and to become that unwavering line in the sand when it comes to corruption and true darkness. The truth of all histories is also known to these people. They are capable of seeing a true factual set of events in history (I.E. The Montauk Project and its true effects/Temporal War of Attrition)… matter how strange these events may seem to hardcore historians.

Anti-Changers, as we have come to call them, fall under four different groups;Inborns, Disinfo Agents, Ridicule Agents, and Sexual Agents. We will now describe in detail what these four groups are.... so that all of you reading this blog may discern for yourselves when you encounter them. However, we must caution anyone who comes across any of these four types not to use violence or engage in arguments with any of them. This is a useless endeavor that will only bring you and your loved ones more pain and anguish.

Inborns: This group of beings stretches clear back to Atlantis itself and is the most volatile of the four because an Inborn can very easily become the other three. In order to describe this process, we must give you a rundown of the history behind this. Back before the fall of Atlantis, there was a group of energy entities that began to influence people psychically very much as disembodied demons do today. This group then eventually, after the fall, began to engrain itself into physical forms to the point of then being able to incarnate into physical form. In time, they were able to pass traits genetically from parent to child. Though some of these traits became diluted over a period of time, this then opened the door for other "lineage curses" to take hold. Lineage curses occur when an ancestor agrees to a multi-generational binding with a dark Djinn or demon in exchange for something....usually to stay alive. Though there is a much larger story here, you now can see how this began. In the here and now, the Cabal finds people that have these hostile traits from these lineages and can accentuate them for their very own purposes. These people are ideal candidates for super soldiers. They can also be guided to be disruptors of groups. Some Inborns are just within families, not put there by the cabal, and can be very disruptive to these households, keeping people gripped in fear over small things like bills and the like. These beings are fear generators in a sense, drawing more and more misery to them. You've heard the phrase "misery loves company"? Well, this most certainly applies to Inborns. A very good example of this is someone whom Chris used to live with. She became so enamored with fear of all kinds, over bills, over the whereabouts and movements of others that might spend money she could use, that the household became unbearable to be in. It became a prison emotionally and physically for all that lived there. Now do we know that this person and her family may have been victims of circumstance? Yes, indeed we do, but this does not mean that Chris’ compassion for this person would ever lead him to live with her or be around her again. Inborns also thrive off of the adoration of others. They crave attention so badly that they will form cults if they are "worshiped" by people enough. They may also gain the strength to "suck dry" whole groups of people, becoming very strong to the point where they are very difficult to stop because people have given them far too much power. Hence the old held belief that what is worshiped has power over you. These beings can also suck someone dry with fear and influence to the point of causing permanent health problems. In the laymen, just think of them as Mr. or Miss Gloom and Doom with domination and control and destruction tendencies. They are to be avoided.

Disinfo Agents: Though Inborns can fall under this category very easily, a Disinfo agent isn't necessarily an Inborn. These are people that were taken as children and programmed by aliens or the Cabal to muddy the waters with false or fake intel. Though the Cabal has their "script writers", as I call them, for this purpose, Disinfo agents are more or less on the ground level. They infiltrate UFO groups, paranormal groups, or any group trying to do good works in this world. Average people on the street can be manipulated as well with the aid of "Voice to Skull" technology or telepathic manipulation. This will basically “turn on" a programmed set of actions that would normally be out of this person’s normal behavior pattern. These innocent people may wonder themselves what just occurred. However, Disinfo agents are far more permanent and can get entrenched into the core of a group, sending a group's reputation into a tailspin. This leads us to ridicule agents.

Ridicule Agents: This is yet another sadistic attempt on the part of darker forces to get people to not be their authentic selves. These people are hired by the Cabal to laugh at and make fun of people getting too close to the truth. Inborns and Disinfo agents can also act as Ridicule Agents.Not all of them know they are doing this. I have noticed ridicule agents can be mostly found in communities that have Sasquatch sightings. Though they apply to all other sighting types, to me, this seems to be the most prevalent place that these agents are.

It is important to know that if you are around anyone that ridicules you for being you, please don't buy into it. Be yourself no matter who you are around. Whether or not you are around family, friends, or religiously indoctrinated people, it does not matter in the slightest. Be yourself! Be authentic!

Sexual Agents: This set of societal distracters plays on our very basic needs, sex, ones desire to not be alone or be wanted and needed. However, these agents usually only have one purpose, fundamentally break up couples and families. Though all of the above, including Archons and Draco, have this ability, as well as use it quite often, sexual agents use this more to the hilt. They can read the sexual fantasies of others and recreate them to entice the person. Their hormonal levels, as well as sexual energy levels, are quite high. So, this means that very few people in our world would be able to resist their whiles. They are part nymph energy, part Draco reptilian. This is a highly volatile combination because these poor people are never satisfied sexually. They crave it! It consumes their thoughts. Now, we are NOT saying that people with so called "sex addiction" are these people, but we say that these "addicted" people are victims of these agents, as well as the aforementioned other alien groupings. Female vampire cults are also of these sexual agents.

If you run across any of these types of anti-changers our recommendation is to ignore them. Do not engage them. This may be hard at times, especially if they are within your own family. However, it is our belief that many of these people are not aware of what they are doing….and it is hard to know who is aware of their antics and who the true victims are. What you can do is not allow yourself to become embroiled in the situation, instead opting to send love and light their way without saying a word. Just walk away…. And in regards to social media, just block them. There is no need to make any issue of it. Everyone has the right to decided who they are going to interact with without justification or approval from anyone. “I just don’t care to be a part of this” …is good enough.

The changers of our experience have been awakening and will continue to do so as these new energies stream in. Hold on and hold firm, we are just beginning to shine.

Chris and Joanna

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