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The Rules of Engagement

Let’s just get straight to the answer….There are rules. It just couldn’t be any simpler than that. Sometimes they are bent and stretched to the point that only a mere sliver holds it technically together….but there are rules. So what is the question? Well, it is the one we hear over and over again…”Why won’t the galactics just stop all of this?” So back to the answer…because they can’t…it is not allowed. We know this is upsetting to many….it is to us as well. And although we have spent a lot of time pondering this, we have had to accept an understanding that this is a school with rules.

So, who are these galactics that cannot help us? Our understanding is that those galactics who actually are benevolent and could stop many things on a dime are also our mentors….or guides…..or for those of you who are new to this, you may say angels. They are further up the educational ladder and learning to be a guide is on their curriculum. As we said before, being further up the ladder unlocks more abilities….but they are not beings made of light. Once we rise in frequency into the zone that they reside, they are as solid as we are…..we can just finally see them…..without the assistance of our 3rd eye.

So, before going any further, Chris would like to share a story with you. Although this was recent, the context of this story has happened before….multiple times. The story is as follows:

On the night of 1/29/17, we were sitting on the couch watching a show, when Joanna said she felt someone scanning her. When we attempted to ask guides the identity of the attacker, they were nowhere to be found. There was a heavy amount of distortion in the ether. It felt as if a metal cap had been placed down on us. I could sense a presence above the house and could see a dark shadowy figure glaring through the roof. When I say "see", I mean with my "3rd eye". As we attempted to stop it, I contacted my mother to see what she could see. She saw a whirling energy above the house. She called out to Tyler and he said that it was our very own Military Industrial Complex, but would not go into it further. As we questioned the presence further, we began to realize after wave upon wave of distortion, that this was indeed true. However, there was a catch to all of this chaos in our midst.

This person….the one responsible for the distortion…. told us, after fighting his very own programming, that through his distorted memory someone out there missed him. It then dawned on us that he was a victim of the Cabal, but it went much, much deeper than that. As we spoke to the man, he began to remember some details about his capture. He remembered being grabbed by men in suits in some alleyway. He could not even remember his own name.

I then called out to Simeon to help to try and rescue this man. When I established contact, he told me that a rescue was not possible. When we asked why, he replied, "Because he is not alive anymore".

I looked deeper still and found that this voice was coming from an abandoned part of a military base, under water, off of the Virginia coastline. This section had many coffin like chambers, some of which contained skeletons, while others had emaciated people. They were all hard wired into a central computer and their consciousnesses were disembodied ghosts. We asked the "Mer" if they could please shut the base down. They asked if this is what we wanted. When we replied yes, they disintegrated the facility (with no additional loss of life) and helped set all of those people free. The man thanked us as many soul shards and ghosts left for the afterlife.

Obviously, this whole experience was quite disturbing. We were emotional and upset and again demanded to know why this was allowed! And again, we were told because they could not intercede….it was against the rules. As we pulled ourselves together we then stated ….”Because a human has to be involved.” And they said, “Yes.” A human had to know of it and with free will ask for assistance. And like times before, we again sat a bit despondent for a while….deeply horrified and saddened by the truth we held for that moment….that the darkness at its core is evil. With all of our pure emotion we felt deep hatred towards those who participated in these atrocities. As we should….We felt it.

Then after a while we had to find and balance ourselves again. Then we re-found that our desire to move into peace and love still out ways our desire for vindictive retribution….although we felt it for many moments. We want this cycle broken. And then a realization came…no wonder we want the galactics to fix it….because if we did, then we would never need to know about it. We could skip the truths of the darkness and how we were tricked, used, and abused. It would be far easier and less painful. But that will not be. For we have to face this….all of this….because there are rules. No shortcuts allowed….the guides cannot do your homework for you.

As an aside, we have come to the conclusion that it is not easy being a guide. They remember their own journey and its immense pain and hardships. How hard it must be to sit back and watch these horrors at times. How hard it must be when they see themselves in us…..We think they know exactly how we feel.

Chris and Joanna

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