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This topic has been on the minds of many for quite some time now. It is a natural part of being human to want to avoid such a state. And if you believe that you are currently experiencing it…well, it seems to be all that you can think about at times. If you don’t see yourself in hardship, you may oftentimes see others around you and may find yourself preparing to not meet the same fate or doing what you can to assist. However, lately, this really seems to be affecting most everyone on one level or another. So, it was the guides who asked us to blog about this today.

What defines hardship for you? We say that hardship is defined by a person’s experiences. However, the guides have brought a few interesting points to light in regards to hardship. They have made it quite clear to us that what people think is hardship can actually be a coat of sorts that they are wearing. And they are dishonoring their very soul and its mission by wearing a suit of armor meant for a different time, place, experience, or even expression. We say this out of compassion to those wearing this self-made coat..... Because we know....we have just taken ours off.

Hardship is such a subjective concept. And you use your skills of discernment to make that subjective assessment of yours or others situation. But again, discernment of situations will change over time. And now that we are entering new energies and becoming more aware of our self as well as the universe....well, the guides really want everyone to re-assess their status.

One of the areas that we speak about is how multilayered our souls experiences are. We live in many places (or dimensions) at the same time. But we (all of our different selves) are all linked and at times can actually “feel” what is going on in one of those different learning classrooms……although you may not realize it. A person's own experiences may even be a mirror for what is happening in a different dimension, or has already taken place in a past life. This can interfere with your current experience and should be dealt with. For those people, a good revocation is necessary to rid one's self of said reflections.

The other “pseudo” hardship the guides have pointed out to us is this. It is when people become afraid over bills and other money concerns. This may seem harsh, but we feel Michael and his sons can explain it best. Michael wanted to contribute directly to this blog. Some of his family wishes to speak more on this during the show.

From Michael:

"Dear ones... This is Michael speaking to you all here on this blog and I must say that this topic comes to my mind a lot... Meaning that some humans seem to think that there is a crisis always waiting to occur…. That the proverbial "shoe is ready to drop". That their lives are so very strictly bound by the artificial constructs of the so-called "slave system" that is currently in place. People feel that since "they are slaves", that they feel this is a hardship in their lives. Yes, is this true to some extent? Yes, of course it is, but if all of you reading my words are in said situations where bills and money concerns fill your every days thoughts, feelings, and over take your loving relationships, know this... There are true, real hardships far greater than numbers typed on a piece of paper! There are real, genuine concerns out there that humanity knows nothing about. Wars waged and lost, wars waged and won. People on the outer rims of your galaxy that see only the black of night... without stars to guide them home again... These, my fellow brothers and sisters, are indeed hardships. Not to mention those that are not even missed on your world... Those that you all think and feel have died, when in fact, they are very much alive, but not well. You see, out there in the black of space, beyond what you humans call mysticism and fairy tales, are people that have been taken from your world by people acting as a thief in the night! They report them dead and cart them off to the outer reaches while their family morns them, never knowing that these people are forever trying to get back to them. Out there... there are slaves... true slaves... one's whose purpose is to service others within a grand arena of shame, filth, and debauchery, all the while, people her think they are toiling in the mud and have seen the worst creation has to offer. The reason that I come to you as such a downer is this... Do NOT worry over petty concerns such as bills and money... Pray for those who are going through their path of darkness, and for the love of the creator... LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE ABSOLUTE FULLEST!!!! You all have no idea how good a life you have down here on the surface of the Earth! The beauty and the majesty that is Earth! Our beautiful planet!!!! Together, we will all walk in the sunlight!!! Together, we are one!!!! Worry never more my fellow brethren in the sun!!! Worry not, and just be!!! Thank you!!!"–Michael (4:34p.m., 2/12/2017)

Chris and I both know how easy Michael is making this sound. And we know many of you, like us, have said…”Well, if I were in your shoes I wouldn’t have to worry….why don’t you come here and show us how?” So we want to add a few things for you to think about. We have pondered over these things as well.

First off, let’s us re-state that we are moving into new energies and our co-creative abilities are becoming more heightened. If all we do is worry and think of hardship, then the universe will think this is what you want and give you more worry and hardship. You must now begin to daydream in what you want. See the end result. Feel the joy and happiness of it all. Imagine scenes of how it feels with loved ones and friends around doing whatever brings you joy. When you begin to worry in excess (it is normal to have this feeling at times…just not to linger in it) then try to re-direct yourself to daydreaming in the positive life you desire. Notice and avoid stimulus that puts you into a worrying mode. There is so much programming out there trying to snare you back into the worrying/hardship state. You do not have to engage with it.

And on a note that saddens us both. We have both been shown some of these hardships that Michael is referring to above. It left us stunned and sober, as it would most anyone. And it would make anyone here feel lucky to say the least. However, we honor and understand that everyone has their own understanding of what hardship is based on their personal experiences….we will not judge, but encourage everyone to choose to create instead of feeling fated. This requires a new mindset within these new energies. Work on it.

To start, we suggest a clean slate. What we mean by this is clearing any interference from any of your other learning experiences (dimensions, etc.). Below is a quick revocation to sever any of the invading hardship feelings from your other existence elsewhere.

Then, start daydreaming.

Chris and Joanna

The Hardship Revocation

I, (state your name), hereby revoke all hardships in all dimensions, all expressions, parallel universe, and invading, as well as, collapsing time lines. (As of time and date.) It is forever so!

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