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A Note from Katryna: JOYOUS

One of the most beautiful souls that come through my channels is Joyous. He also has beautiful words and has such an uplifting spirit. He makes me feel better, because of the love he shows me and his words are like poetry. Joyous is a frog and he is Lygarian from the Andromeda Galaxy, but lives as a Pleiadian. He calls everyone by the name of Joy, because joy is what we all should be living in. Below are parts of his channelings that he has given me the honor to hear:

“Through the depths of waters, across the land, through the winds that blow, through the galaxies of space I come to bid you “hello” by my name Joyous. I am here to bring to all love and comfort. I know you all are having difficult moments during this period on earth, but please keep the faith in knowing that peace starts within. Don’t get wrapped up in so many distractions and don’t use precious energy on things that do not please you or give you comfort. Everyone should do their best to send love and light and continue to speak to people and make their lives better from your words that come from the heart. Serving people can make the journey easier. I am not telling you to forget the things that are not of the highest in this world, because that should never happen; but dwell on the beauty of what surrounds you and send to the good and bad issues healing energy. Just keep looking at the sky, the animals, pictures of loved ones, flowers, stars, rain, listen to music, dance, make love and make life your canvas. Paint the world, the Universe as you want it to look like and feel like. It will be your masterpiece and it does change things. Never doubt that every kind act, every prayer, every service you give to others and every truth you speak always makes a difference and makes the light shine brighter. Acceptance dear ones, is the key to all peace. Accepting each other with all differences is the key to joy. Don’t think so hard, and analyze so much, but trust that what effort you make shall be enough. Your voice and the sound of your voice will be heard on the frequency for the right ones to hear. Believe in yourself as we believe in all of you. If you stumble and fall, get back up and soar on the wind knowing that all mistakes are honored, because mistakes turn to beauty marks on your character. There are no failures. Just continue to try and do what your heart says to do.

Accepting, surrendering, honoring, respecting, and seeking your own truth is everyone’s true calling. Love one another and you will find your calling and the peace you so much desire. We love and support you and will always be there to talk to you and help you move to the next part of your life, or as you call it, the next dimension. My and our hearts touch yours and your soul is part of us. This makes us happy and so proud to be blended with your energy. Be in joy dear ones and make Joy your middle name. I leave with respect for what you will contribute and in love for who each and every one of you are. I am Joyous.”

There are so many races that are just as beautiful that love and support us just like Joyous and his people. We are far from being alone. We must all remain positive and live our life in the light. Each person’s voice makes a difference. Be kind to each other and know that all is perfect just as it is in this moment and time.

I wish you many blessings,


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