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We wanted to contrast our last blog entitled: Hardship, with a discussion about Abundance. We actually love having a discussion on this because it is so subjective and seems to change on a dime. Have you ever asked a child about this topic? You should….it will bring you great joy to hear all of the different things that they would surround themselves with in the pursuit of happiness. And then, you should learn from them and become that child again.But first…. A definition….pulled right off the internet!

Abundance is: the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness

So we pondered… is so subjective, and how is it changing in these new energies? What is the difference between abundance in 3D and 5D? And we came to the conclusion that there is quite a difference.

In 3D, as we have stated before, we have been experiencing contrast….so abundance was no exception. So for most, the opposite of abundance is lack. Where we could recognize a time of having abundance by having times/experiences of feeling we are lacking in something….be it money, or relationships, or food, or respect or dignity… etc. All of this is normal in the paradigm that we have been in. And it was very subjective based on what experiences you had been given to work with. Oftentimes, in order to not feel the lack, we would all tend to hoard a bit. And although we all have seen extremes in hoarding, most everyone did it in one form or another. We could be talking so many different subjects here….most obviously in the areas of money, food, clothing...etc. And our need for plentifulness would blind us a bit to those around us who actually had a need, but were turned away. And this was understandable because of our learning by contrast….so believe us, there is no judgement here. It was a part of the learning plan.

Now, things are changing…..and we are entering a new learning environment. We are beginning to slowly unravel from the learning by the contrast state. So we are beginning to see many things a bit differently….and define them differently. And this is how it should be.Everything in 5D offers more of an experience because our knowledge, DNA activations and level of co-creative abilities are greater. So it would make sense that abundance should be seen through these enhanced abilities. We will learn to change our perspective and mindset and grow into these greater abilities over time. So simply put….Abundance in 5D is the knowledge (not hope or wish….but knowledge) that you can co-create plentifulness in any area you so desire. No hoarding required. And it is that confidence and mindset that will co-create whatever you need or desire. You have to see yourself in abundance….and the universe will give you abundance. And this is a goal….to learn this and put it into practice.

So, how do we get there? Well, we hate to say it, but we have to first go right back to taking some time to reflect and ask yourself what does true abundance mean to you? It all starts with inner work….there is no way around it. At first, most will paint with a broad stroke….big umbrella topics….like money or love. However, that really isn’t good enough. We say this because what you want to do is reflect on when you are in a state of feeling abundance….or your imagined state of being in abundance….what feelings are evoked? What is the state or feeling you are trying to achieve? Some that come to mind for us are a state of joy or well-being….And a freedom from worry. But then, what does that even mean….go further.

What brings you joy….dig deep.

Is it freedom to explore? To walk around where you want and when you want for as long as you want? Is it the ability to connect with others without worry of being hurt? Is it the ability to laugh with such freedom that it becomes that guttural laughter…from the soul? Is it the ability to give and receive love that is honored and cherished? Is it the ability to walk around in a state of inner peace?Is it a state of optimal health?Try to reflect and really define what that state is for you…..then you have something to work with. Then reflect….when you really get down to it, if you thought money meant abundance, will a pile of money give you those things? Now believe me, we are not saying there isn’t value in having money….yes, of course it is. We do not yet live in a world that doesn’t worship money.And we did not use the word worship lightly. We all do it. Because we have all fallen into that trap of thinking that once we get enough of it then we can rest and then have the time to get what is important to us. Those things listed above.

However, how has not having enough money kept you from walking around and exploring, engaging with others, laughing, loving, finding inner peace….etc? It hasn’t. It is just your belief that has. And that was the game. The money distraction….worship it and want it so it will cure all that ails you. Then once you have enough of it….if you ever do since we all seem to co-create the wanting of money…. Then you realize the holes left inside are so big and the money didn’t fill it at all. We are not saying this because on a soul level you do not already know it….most of you do. But that still doesn’t help get you from point A to point B yet, now does it. It takes work, reflection, and patience to turn this boat around. You do have to see how you fell into programming, accept that it is programming, and be willing to change.

We have been striving to do the same. And we have to admit, striving for this at times brings you to blockages that must be cleared. What we have to do is notice that there may indeed by a blockage instead of accepting things as this is how it is supposed to be. The goal is to be in a state of joy….not in a state of sub-joy because you accept things as good enough. This is where all of the programming comes in.

There has been a lifetime of acceptance of limitations….an example being the supposed changes that occur with time, age, or maturity. “Act your age” is a pretty good example of messing with our minds. What does that mean in 5D? We all know that our souls are ageless….so what does that mean? “Well you’re XX years old!” Uhhhh….no I’m not…. Am a lot older that that…a lot, lot older. But at times I feel I am 3. So, there!

So tomorrow, we want to talk about Abundance and those things we run into at times that need to be dealt with and healed along the way…..clearing our path to co-creating an abundant life.

Chris and Joanna

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