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For the last few blogs and shows we have talked nothing but joy. So what is true joy? Hmm? Is it us coming to the conclusion that we all have a purpose? Or is it us becoming our purpose? Time only tells of miracles come and gone and wars waged over a miracle happening or not. We must become the miracle within and stop looking for them on the outside! This is how we become pure joy... When we stop letting the demons of the dark night of the soul do as they will. When we stop accepting them, and accept the differences we all share. Joy is finding out that you are one with everything and that everything is you. Joy is seeing a world below full of blossoms, while the one above is ravaged by the flood waters... the credence of fools with big heads atop an adorned posture. Joy is being human and discovering that you're not... Joy is creation... Joy is you!

I read someone the other night that surprised me greatly. Even though in our first read she had been tormented, she was in pure joy at the fact that she had anything happening at all. As I continued to read her, I discovered several lifetimes where she survived by either deception, a role where she was a woman playing the role of a man to survive a war, aligning with a powerful medieval family, or just following the literal signs to Agartha to survive the first great flood….the will to endure through joy and perseverance survive in some form or another even into this day and age. This awakening caused her to adapt very quickly to her environment and to oppression. Her protection was perfect, her endurance to external darkness and attachments were perfect, and in the end, no matter what, she was in pure joy!

This is what we should all strive to be, not in the end of a cycle, but in the here and now!

I will now tell you the details of this read since creation felt it necessary to take the recording from me.

It first began with a dream. A dream about how someone, a guide, touched her face to warn her of an impending abduction. Then, it went on to past lives. I normally don't delve too much anymore into them because of the soul trap connection, but this was a path that was worth the look. The first life I saw was of a woman in 1890's New York. She was watching a strange puppet show take place in a small theater. It was an oriental show about shadow puppets. As a female dancer dawned the stage, she left. It was then I saw she was dressed as a man, disguising herself in a male run world. The time began to jump from World War 1 to a time in between when she married into a prestigious family in order to survive. She then moved to Europe where she became someone of stature and prestige at that time. Her husband died I feel and eventually, the war came to her doorstep. She then dawned the role of a man, the face of power at the time, and became a soldier, a warrior... Time jumped again to a medieval style castle in the early 1500's where there was a servant that became someone with the king's ear.

This was a short look, then it jumped to a lifetime that changed my very own perception….One from an alien observer to one of a human on the Earth.

She was a man in that lifetime before the first great flood, one who traded and bartered with his fellow neighbors in a very large an unified marketplace. One day, he began to see glowing signs and symbols all around him... He thought himself crazy, but followed them none the less. As he did so, he began to see physical signs posted in strange and odd places, warning people of impending doom if they did not get to the inner earth. All people had to do was follow them, but first, they had to see them. The man followed the stone and wooden signs... going on a journey of the soul. He them came to a very large stone staircase that descended down for miles it seemed to him. The lower he got, the more happy voices he heard as the smell of trees, grass, and flowers filled the air. When he finally made in down to the bottom, he stood in pure astonishment at what he saw. Massive gardens of many colors and many people laughing and crying at the sights. As he stood under a large stone archway, he then began to see people he knew from above. They ran to him in joy that their father, brother, and friend had finally come home to them. This was the perception I read, one of a man who had finally seen heaven on Earth... even as the flood raged overhead. This is the joy I felt.

Life is not about not having rubs or challenges. It is about self-discovery and discovery of the world around us. Seeing all through times of joy allows you to be able to stand back from it all in amazement of the journey. It is a feeling of exuberance and glee….and being able to put oneself into a state of joy will raise your frequency….which in turn brings you into the 5D energies….which allows for richer experiences….of what you are thinking….which is joy. Are you getting it? Do you see the importance of being able to put yourself into this state?

Again, you will feel all kinds of emotions in your journey… it should be…..nothing wrong with that….it is balanced. However, for most, pure joy is missing from the arsenal of emotions….thus, many of us are not quite in balance yet. So for this show we want to actually discuss joy and help everyone to discover what brings joy into their hearts. And we’re not talking outside riches. We are talking those individual expressions that bring you into a state of glee.

Chris and Joanna

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