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The 100 Year Disclosure

For those new to the “Disclosure” conversation, there has been an ongoing question about when will the facts about us not being alone in this universe finally be revealed and acknowledged to the general public by those running the governments around the world. And with this announcement will also come all of the data surrounding this well-kept secret. For many there is the expectation that this knowledge will enhance their lives tremendously because the galactic family is far more advanced….spiritually and scientifically….. And just waiting to share all of their knowledge and technologies with us. We definitely believe that there are benevolent races that are indeed ahead of us in the areas of spirituality and science. And yes, we do agree that they would love nothing better than to be able to begin to interact with us that will be positively fulfilling for all. So where does the 100 year disclosure conversation come from? Well, from what we hear bantering about by many is that it is the Cabal plan to “come clean” over a 100 year period…..controlling the dialog about the truth. And why so long…well, again from what we hear it is to “save their own skin.” And why would they want to do this….well because they did horrible things and would rather die off than be persecuted.

In contrast to the 100 year disclosure is full disclosure now. Those that feel we need to just be told all now…..let the shock and awe occur and then humanity will bounce back. Then not only will we have all of the information, we will also be able to hold those persons who committed atrocities accountable. Humanity needs the amazing technologies of the galactics to help set them free…out of the slave society most are in today.

These are two interesting camps. And the question that arises to us, is one more service to self than the other? Honestly, this is hard for us. We believe that everyone’s sacred path is to be honored. Will immediate disclosure honor that? In a world known to have at least over 8 billion human inhabitants…how many are really ready? Will the 100 year plan then be best? For us, we had to ponder further. What is it that we actually want? And more importantly….what do we not want?

We think what we do not want is easy to define. For us, what we want is sovereignty and freedom from domination and control and …thus we no longer want this current system of domination and control in play. So the question becomes, how does either of these plans stop that? The conclusion we came to is that neither would accomplish this. It is our understanding, as we have said before, that the galactics cannot and will not be our saviors. So we rationalized that a full disclosure now would keep us in a savior mode…. This is not going to happen. Then we pondered more and realized….what is the actual end game? With everything we have been told and taught there are two thoughts that we hold dear to be true. One is Deny the Known….and the others is…..They will not just willingly give up. So with those two principles in mind, we opened ourselves up to maybe there is actually more here. Who is actually driving this conversation? We know that there are dis-info agents scattered everywhere….that there are channelers not discerning…and most everything has infiltration of the darkness. And we know one other fact of the darkness. They have done everything to keep people engaged in drama….both sides….to keep them from growing and harvesting energy for themselves. So we decided to look at this differently?

The question is always who benefits from said actions? On the surface it seems that a 100 year disclosure would benefit the cabal….freeing them from facing justice. And the disclosure now would benefit some humans. But in the end we have come to realize that it is one half of the same coin. And who’s coin is it……the ones who will not willingly give up. They “win” in both of these cases. Believe us, they know this game and how to manipulate to get what they want. And we will talk about this more in detail tomorrow night.

A funny thing showed itself when we started writing this blog. We love to look up definitions. So for disclosure the definition revealed two words….exposure and revelation. Then we looked up revelation and found that one definition read….something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized. Hum….interesting how the two words feed off one another….without actually defining anything. And … especially a striking disclosure….what an interesting phrase; What actually happens to a person who receives a “striking disclosure?”....What is their state? Is it shock and awe….and what comes with that….fear, anxiety, anger?? We dare to say that nothing will give you more shock and awe that understanding the true nature behind this 100 year disclosure. Because we believe you need to Deny the Known and be willing to see this for what it really is.

So since these two words seem to just feed off one another, let’s scrap them and go to the other word mentioned…..exposure. We believe exposure is a better term for what we all really want….for we think it leads to the truth we are all seeking. So there were two specific noun definitions for exposure we think fit here. The first is….disclosure, as of something private or secret. But more importantly is the second, which states….. an act or instance of revealing or unmasking, as an imposter, crime, or fraud. Now….that’s what we’re talking about!

Chris and Joanna

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