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A Note from Katryna - Full Disclosure

The following message was channeled by me from Michael on October 26, 2016, regarding Full Disclosure. This is not the whole channeling, but just a part of it. I wanted to repeat part of it in writing, because it is not only powerful words, but it really speaks about what is going on in the country right now.

“You all want full disclosure right? I do not think this will be happening anytime soon. You may get a hint now and then on how it is going to be and how it will come about, but the work is in your hands. You want us to bring this full disclosure about, but there are so many of you that just want and don’t do. There are changes that must be done in your personal life, the interaction between countries and learning to accept differences in all beings. First, stop focusing on how we get rid of the Cabal. The Cabal comes under so many names throughout history. In fact, we could call everything and everyone that is negative, causing war, showing discrimination, damaging the planet, hurting our animals, polluting our oceans, so on and so on we could call them Cabal. What would you do if all of a sudden nothing was the same? Nothing changes overnight. You cannot even accept the differences in where someone comes from on your planet. You do not accept race, color, gender, and in some cases people’s faces, bodies, their personal beliefs or how they choose to live their life and with whom they live it with. How would you even accept me showing up on your doorstep? I am anything from what you would consider normal in stature and energy and I am the light being that will help usher in the changes you want. You must love one another for exactly what they are and make no exemptions because they are not just like you.Dispel all negativity and spread the love and light like a tidal wave over the entire Creator’s work. Let every word you speak, every prayer you pray, every foot step you take be on sacred ground. Do you understand? Stand up to hate, prejudice, war, abuse and walk your talk in the light and not in your ego’s belief system. Please understand that we are not talking about everyone, because many of you are working hard at changing this world, but even you may be able to see a part of yourself in what I say. We watch over you, we hear your prayers, we encourage you through your guides and angels, we see you when you hurt and we cry for you, we rejoice when you are happy and we celebrate with you. You are not walking this path alone. We walk with you and we will carry you when you fall. Our love for you is eternal no matter what path you choose. We are about love, and dear ones, we love you." -Michael

I think we may all relate to the things Michael said. It all comes down to loving each other and accepting each other for who they are. We each have to be an example that others would be proud to know and to be like. Changing the world starts with you. Every individual has the power to change everything.

Wishing you many blessings, Katryna

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