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The Complexities of Words

Everyone has heard of the statement “Choose your words wisely!” Most of the time it is coming from an authority figure (parent, boss, judge…Lol)……and there is a consequence, mainly negative, if those words displease that authority figure. I think you all have been there…we know we have. Sometimes we change our output and sometimes not if we think the consequence does not out way the need to express our authenticity at the moment. However, there is indeed a point being made here….although unseen by most. Words and the intent behind them by the one expressing them mean something. And once understood can be quite powerful especially if spoken. This has all to do with two things frequency and our co-creative abilities. And again, this is understood by some and not shared to most. So we want to discuss it now.

First, let’s just go back to the beginning and refresh ourselves on basic communication. We want to do this because ….. well, all of us forget these basics at times and just need a refresher. When we talk to another there is a sender of word/thought/information and receiver of word/thought/information. Usually, the one speaking is the sender and the one listening is the receiver. Sounds easy enough….but we sometimes forget that it is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that the information is understood by the receiver and not the other way around. Nope….don’t have telepathy yet. It also doesn’t help that a word can mean multiple things. Take for example just the word spirituality. If we asked you to define it, what would it mean to you? We think some would include a religious practice and attendance of services. For some it would be communing with nature. For others it may be sitting in silence. And there are many interpretations of the word. Again, we don’t yet have telepathy to get the full thought/expression of the person. So the sender of the information is left to hope the receiver interprets that word in the same way. This is where we encourage people to give feedback within a discussion to ensure everyone is talking the same thing….or the conversation tends to go astray.

Now don’t gang up on us….we are not having a communication basics course here….just wanted to point out that there are issues with language and communication. We also want to ensure all understand that there is more….that we are little co-creative expressions of Source….and thusly, if the Source has the ability to “speak” and create…..well, so do those that are “made in his image.” So let us digress for just a second….”made in his image”….well….isn’t this a prime example of where communication can go astray. What does that actually mean anyway??? Okay….got that out of our system….now let’s move on. So, again,….in theory we think most here reading this can agree to this ability. But that is just it. For most, it feels like a theory….not a fact. But it is.

Just ponder on this for a second. Everyone has seen it in action. Can you recall hearing an inspiring speech? On the world stage, think of Martin Luther King, Jr., or JFK, or anyone else who could rally people for an uplifting cause. Then if you think of ones closer to now and your life…you will see there are others who seem to uplift and encourage. Hopefully, you may see yourself here too. Having a vision and being authentic sends out a frequency that resonates with other like-minded people. It’s not that the like-minded people even actually know they are like-minded. The frequency calls to the soul. It can be like an alarm clock waking someone who has been asleep….and the soul will move them forward. Words are powerful because the of the frequency they put out.

So what about being alone? Well, just because you are not in a crowd or with someone does not change the fact that speaking emits a frequency. Thoughts certainly emit a frequency; it’s just that speaking enhances it even further. That is why you see those who may chant or pray or even speak to “themselves”… well as speaking to plants or nature. Now we are not saying all should start saying everything out loud, we just wanted to point out that there is something to speaking out loud, even alone. And this is where we again plug laughter… of the higher frequencies. Authentic joyful laughter let loose, instead of muffled, is like bug repellent (more literally than you know….). So anything you can do to bring that back on a regular basis can in and of itself heal this world.

Now we want to add in the fact that our frequencies are rising and these abilities are enhancing…thus creating more instantaneous results. People speaking their authentic truth will see they move through life easier than before. Especially if that is accompanied with the person day-dreaming in the world they want. Some will think they just have a “lucky streak” going on …because it is still hard to grasp this concept….instead of the fact that they are starting to truly co-create their own world. However, there is a flip-side to this.

Sometime knowingly and unknowingly words can be used that cause harm or intrude. A prime example of this surfaced for us recently and we want to discuss it tomorrow night. In this instance we believe it was unknowingly. This is where we as co-creators do not understand just how powerful we are. And we are in a world of duality….so for as much goodness words can do; there can be as much bad.

Our belief is that it is time to fully discuss this topic so those who are ready to hear it can embrace it fully and explore the potential …… aiding all in a more fulfilling life….again, if that is your desire. This is a topic that one really has to explore and experience for themselves. The “proof” will unfold as you consciously become aware to this and try it out. It is all about awareness and growth.

Chris and Joanna

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