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Deny The Known!

Guest Blog Post, 4/10/2017

I’m sure I am like every one of you reading this blog who questioned the idea that there are forces unseen that want to cause disturbance and harm in our personal lives, as well as between our loved ones, friends, communities – actually the Earth in total. We live in a world where the prevalent thought is there is a higher good and loving power and an opposite evil and bad power - both of which have all manner of control on our lives.

If we have faith, trust and belief then this higher good and loving power will look after us with open arms that unconditionally love, protect, and provide for us. If we waiver and fall into fear,then the arms wrapped around us choke us with anger, hate, hurt, and divide and separate us – on purpose. This fear and despair becomes the very life source and energy for that evil and bad power that destroys our inner light and keeps us prisoner to a never ending feeling that someone else has control over us and dominates our lives, void of any real happiness, peace, and even success.

For the past three months, I have grown to believe that there are many others surrounding us that fall into those categories of good and evil. But we never lose the free will to believe in the power of ourselves, taking our control back, and asking for guidance from fairies, the green men, dragons, bursts of light and sound, even the spirit filled fire department. This guidance comes with a price – the price of creating our own joy, peace, faith, happiness and success - knowing we must be the “verb” in our own lives and take action first. Only then can we be met halfway with our loving guides.

I am very much a novice to all of this. I don’t see, hear, or feel the vibrations of the spirits that surround us. I never considered other realms of our universe until my sister decided to “Deny The Known” and be her authentic self. You know my sister. Joanna has always had this spiritual gift, but our world and the pressure to conform to it suppressed her earlier desire to live what she knows is truth.

Not anymore. And I’m provided a gift as a result.

You see, we were separated years ago due to these unseen forces of bad and evil. Not of our doing, but because we lived the worldly life controlled by others. Today, we embrace the gifts of spirits, red and blue dragons, and a little kick-ass green and yellow fairy affectionately called Elmo only because it took a while to remember her real name is Elom.

We now experience the sometimes agitating/aggravating, but welcomed shotgun rounds of questions from family members that think like we all do – linearly – with a birth date and end date -trying disparately to grasp the realization that it never really ends, just the experiences and learning opportunities change. Unless we make a choice to float on fluffy white clouds and relax, or sit two seats to the right, in the empty chair, from our Source.

In one such spirited engagement of discussion, there were some high pitched vocals and brute strength arguments where answers had to be given. There has to be an answer, a response to “why,” because that’s what we are taught. There has to be an answer. It’s one of the 5 “w’s” that goes with the one “h” that defines our reality, or at least that’s what we are taught.

Deny The Known.

You can’t have all the answers because of where our frequencies are today. But TOGETHER we can deny the known and lift our collective frequencies. Only when this happens will more questions receive answers.

Jennifer Griffin

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