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Spirituality in a Financial World

We want to lend our voice to the ongoing discussion surrounding the giving of spiritual gifts meant for the upliftment of others and the financial world around us. For many, this is a simple conversation because it is based in the most simplistic and pure of intent….. And that is that gifts from the source should be free to all. And we completely agree.There are however currently two things holding us, humanity, back. One is that we, humanity, currently exist in a world that values exchanging money or goods for basic needs….such as food, clothing, and shelter. The other is a different problem. And it causes a different kind of separation that needs to be addressed as well.

So what is the second issue that holds us back? Well, let’s go back to the original statement…” the giving of spiritual gifts meant for the upliftment of others….” What does that actually mean? Who defined what professions honor this….and thusly, leads to some mindsets that these professions should do so free of charge in this current system we live? Should we be focusing on the word “spiritual” or should we be focusing on the phrases “Service to Self” vs. “Service to Others?” Our thoughts are….Deny the known. It is time to re-look at it all with a fresh perspective.

If you have been following us, we have been trying to say how darkness has infiltrated much and tries to control both halves of a conversation to confuse and control. And it appears here as well. We use spirituality in a conversation like this to both uplift and cause shame. You honor spirituality by doing this and shame it by doing that. Who said? Do you mean to tell me that there are no school teachers or doctors or artists, etc., who feel a calling to uplift in a spiritual sense…..or that they were somehow blessed in some way to do their work? Well, in this conversation, as you first look at it….well, no…they must not….right? Because if they did, well, then they would be being spiritual in a way that does not qualify them for a salary…..right? Think about this. Do you think the source does not inspire them as well? What about the baker, or architect, or bridge or boat builder? Have none of these persons been inspired spiritually to bring their gifts forward?

We have to admit that we, human kind, may have overstepped our bounds in defining this. In fact, it may just be a bit egotistical. From what we understand, anything that causes separation needs to be looked at closely. Is this an intentional division to divide and conquer? It is our understanding that extreme service to others leads to imbalance….martyrdom….which the source does not want to see. The source wants all parts to be honored. This is our understanding.

We are beings with a mind, body, and spirit. Who decides which parts of the whole are worth financial compensation….while the others are somehow….well... I don’t know….better than? And being better than somehow denotes holiness? Greater than? Oh yeah, that’s right…religion does? And oh yeah….religion hasn’t been corrupted towards domination and control….right???

So here we say again…. Deny the known. We suggest you dust off your discernment skills and ask yourself, to who does this thought process benefit? Does it keep persons who have been given gifts to work on our spiritual growth out of the business world? Yes, we think it does. And again, to whose benefit is that?

So yes, we live in a financial world. It would be nice if we could just “poof” ourselves into another existence and it was not that way. However, we are here to experience the growth of new awareness to lead us to that conclusion. And like it or not, it will take time. It is our belief that during this awakening, people en masse will begin to seek outside of traditional religious practices to answer a calling religion will no longer be able to provide. And like medical care, spiritual care will be needed to address what is truly ailing them. If there are no practitioners with new inspired thoughts and ideas, who will be there to assist? So could this be a last ditch plan to derail such practitioners? Discern for yourself.

What we have been told is that yes, it is okay to “make a living” and have “nice things”. Why would the source deny that for any of his children? The source would not. The source inspires all to bring forth what they are meant to….no favorites. But at this time we are here to learn balance. It is a balancing act to serve spirit and others and meet personal needs.

So when will we transition to a money free existence? Well, it is when we see each other for who we are….all children of source…each with divinely given gifts to intermingle with each other in a tapestry beyond our comprehension…..all of equal value….now and forever more.

But for now, we are still learning.

Chris and Joanna

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