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Disclosure and Disinfo throughout the Arts Part 1 - Movies and Television

If you have read all of our previous blogs and listened to our shows, at times we have discussed our understanding of how almost everything has been infiltrated by the dark agenda to try and maintain the domination and control paradigm we currently live within. We have stated that disinfo is shown in the media, books, schools, as well as by disinfo agents who speak misinformation. We did this to try and have people open to this possibility in order to awaken the natural source-given discernment skills in us to look at information a bit more objectively… see things a bit differently. So, how are you doing? Have you begun to revisit thoughts on certain shows or books or personalities? Is this hard?

For most, we believe the answer to the last question should be yes if we are being honest with ourselves. Most everyone should run into a few personal belief systems that conflict now with these newly reawakened skills. Now instead of an outside rub, there is an internal one. And if you are feeling this now…..well…..Congratulations! You are now on the right track. Because this growth is the “battle” of the self……With no one else to point the finger at or distract you….You should feel a bit uncomfortable. And again, we are happy you are here, and you should be quite proud. Now, you are ready to explore.

We know, with all of the disinfo out there, most were taught that there would be some sort of instantaneous “poof-like” growth. All of that programming was for right now…..for right now and how you feel. Because with it, most people would be so disillusioned that they would cave and basically give up….falling right back into line….and self-ashamed of their fool-hearty flights of fancy. Does this sound familiar at all? Do you have moments (or longer) feeling like this? If you say yes, well, then pat yourself on the back again….because you are still here….reading this….so your internal drive system is becoming fully operational. All to the chagrin of certain forces who are becoming perplexed as to why people are falling off the programming boat.

So take a moment, or two, or more to fully feel the vibration you are sensing from this reading and from inside of yourself. Because, if it is ringing true… will actually feel a bit of a sense of self-pride and a tug from the heart.Because we could not be more sincere….. Congratulations, you are now becoming more of yourself than ever before. You should be proud.

Now, let’s have some fun. It is time to take out your bad-ass newly spit-shined self out and start giving it a new test drive. And where is the best place to go….well, we suggest, from the safety and comfort of your own home. So we wanted to take a few of our radio shows and discuss the arts/news/entertainment industry and point out some of our understanding of where there is disclosure and misinformation. There is most certainly both. And sometimes within the same sentence! We plan to look at movies, books, video games, art….and whatever comes up.

The great news is that there is plenty of actual disclose out there. From our understanding, both light and dark heavily consult and influence these industries and at times, have even negotiated and agreed upon certain shows to forward both agendas. Now we find that amazing because if they can come up with a compromise that serves both sides….well, look at our governments….sad, sad….oh, but we digress!

We hope what will be fun is to give you our understanding of what is actually sanctioned light agenda….Because some will be surprised. But as we mentioned from the last show, per the RA, it is all about intention, which then translates to a frequency that you have to discern by feeling….and not sight. Do you get this now? We think you are.

I can say that we now enjoy seeing and hearing all kinds of information…because we work hard to discern the messages….sentence by sentence. So it is so fun to kinda sit back and pull it all apart. And we encourage you to do the same.

So join us tomorrow as we begin this series. And, for those live listeners, please be willing to share your thoughts….because we have all listened to different things…and it is time to start sharing. But we state again, no character assassination….talk about the information being presented and what appeals to you and what does not.

Let’s have some fun!

Chris and Joanna

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