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Disclosure and Disinfo throughout the Arts Part 2 – Literature and Art

This week we would like to continue our exploration of disclosure and disinformation of the arts by bringing up a few books and pieces of art that give clues to the world around us and in the skies. From what we understand, there is a lot of factual information within many books. And as we have reported before, there is no one book that is entirely correct… of bias. From what we have been told, at best, a book could be 70 – 80% factual. Which is great….unless you are focusing on the 20-30% of miss-information. And artwork, in the form of drawings, carvings, statues, etc., are equally interesting. Especially older pieces where the artist is no longer around to discuss the inspiration of such work.

We decided to cover both of these areas at the same time because they are often intertwined. For many, pictures and drawings are often disseminated via books that give their own interpretation of what said piece of work means. And this is quite interesting. Because how often do you follow the thoughts of the author without question. Right now, there is quite a debate going on as to whether older artwork found within caves are some sort of symbolic artistic message, or literally what was seen. And we ask…..what do you think? When you ask yourself this question, what “pops” into your minds?

We have also said that there is an attempt of the darkness to control both sides of any conversation. Most of this is twofold….to distract….and to cause division that leads to emotional energy good for the taste buds, but for how long? Well, from what we understand, a very long time. So how do we begin to “Deny the Known” and look at this again? Well, from what we understand….just start anywhere. So that is the goal. To begin a conversation about all of this; and we are sure there will be much more to talk about in future episodes…..but let’s get started.

Let us share a few thoughts on how we discern things we come across. First off, we want to re-state that you cannot just rely on your guides to tell you the answer to these questions. You need to feel this out first. You can certainly ask your guides to have a discussion about your feelings on a subject,….but you must go first. So here is some of what we do.

Is there a larger meaning here? Sounds simple enough,….but sometimes it is just a fictional story or innocent scene. Not everything has a multilayered meaning. So only focus on those that pull you to say yes.

Why is this a focus for me? What is this relating to? Many stories and art depict life issues. Is your subconscious trying to get your attention to work on an internal issue? We are the masters of avoidance. We want to focus on something else instead of what we need to at times. You need to pay attention to this. Right now, working out the kinks of personal issues is just as important as finding disclosure. Once you know it isn’t personal….what is your inner voice saying?

Have I been noticing a pattern? Often times you will see patterns when you are discerning a concept. Have you read similar things in multiple books? Have you seen similar scenes in art? Now remember, this plays out both ways…. Finding something positive as well as negative….. So just notice if there is a pattern.

How does this make me feel in regards to something good for me or something bad for me? This is when you can start to ask yourself if this is a service to self or service to others concept.

Who benefits from this? Now you can ask yourself, is this a truth or miss-truth? Who really benefits from this belief or idea? If you feel that there is something to the concept that there is a negative aspect vying to oppress….then this is a must ask question. And how do we mean "Who benefits from this?” For example, does this thought or idea aid in obtaining or maintaining domination and control? Will that viewpoint still promote division…leading to a divide and conquer ability by the darkness? Again, as we have said before, the light honors individuality, sovereignty and promotes unity. What is this promoting?

So let us point out an example…..Something to ponder.

Writings or art that promote ideas that there are expendable populations or elite populations of humanity…. And we hate to say it, but this is everywhere. Now we are not talking defense here. Of course one should defend themselves. But we are talking literature and art that promotes acceptance of expendable or elite populations as some sort of divination. And yes, we do mean all. So yes, we are suggesting that there may have been a long standing plan to make and promote historical literature and art meant to make it acceptable as a fact that there is an us and them….and one is better than the other.

This is subtle:

There are those that are more righteous or pious and deserving.

There are those more Godly and powerful.

There are those more martyred and adorned.

As contrasted with:

There are those sinners who are scorned.

There are those unworthy who are turned to dust.

So besides disclosure on a more obvious level,….such as ET vessels in old artwork or carvings,….we are talking the disclosure of the infrastructure of how the darkness and light weave itself into our reality. And it is that type of disclosure that will finally help us to unravel this whole ball of tangled up mess we find ourselves in.

Chris and Joanna

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