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Disclosure and Disinfo throughout the Arts Part 3 - Music

It is said that “Music makes the world go round!” And we thought….what an interesting statement….true in so many ways. Did you ever think there was a time when the human race wasn’t singing, or humming, or chanting something? Think of babies….isn’t there first sounds… cooing….like a song? So what is it?

Seems that science finally started to study and answer some of these questions a little over a decade ago. Not that we didn’t know that music could alter our mood, but how? On a positive aspect, it seems that if you listen to music that you like, there can be a dopamine response that can bring pleasure. And it is the same pleasure center that activates with certain loved foods or sex…. As well as the same center that cocaine and amphetamine targets. Another good point is that we don’t have to listen to the music to get the effect. Imagining hearing the music can bring the same rewards. Our brains seem to make patterns with musical sounds and there can be expected patterns….thus when we cringe when we hear something hit a wrong note….Sounds simple enough. So all in all, musical taste is quite subjective…..not bad or good….just subjective.

Humans have quite a range of hearing. However, just like sight, there are frequencies below and above the normal range of hearing that are basically “inaudible”. Or so it was thought. Seems that recent studies are questioning this and the effects on us, and here is one example:

We find this very interesting.

From what we understand, mostly all alien races have some form of music. So for us, we guess the source really likes to sing!

For us today, there seems to be a lot of controversy within the greater music discussion over its role in domination and control. It is hard to get agreement at times as to which pieces and artists are service to self… or service to others. And again, as we have said on many other subjects before….it is our understanding that this was designed to be that way…Because confusion and arguing aid domination and control. So there is both good and not so good components of music:

Positive effects in the new energies can be:

  • It brings pleasure via the dopamine response;

  • Songs can celebrate and uplift; and

  • It is an avenue for other alien species to introduce their musical taste to us.

Negative effects in the new energies can be:

  • Distraction by listening to a lot of music because of the dopamine effect;

  • Putting messages into the inaudible ranges that are affecting us; and

  • Using generational music differences to divide and conquer.

So here is where we once again ask you to “Deny The Known”.

Many people relied on visual clues or audible tones to decide which "camp" a song or music video belonged in. And this was easily manipulated by both service to self and service to others. For example, if you find a pocket of society who all subjectively like the same musical patterns….then just change the pattern and add some unpleasant visual cues….and there you have it….something bad. Then add a pundit who says it is evil….and there you have it….evil disgusting music….This is the simplicity behind the divide and conquer technique. But on the flip side, you could tell great truth on a multidimensional level and when the person grew to understand, the truth would still be there. Now the music/music video was heard completely differently.

So we want to take a moment to add our understanding of very specific songs and music videos that may question your current thoughts. Can you deny the known and allow yourself the opportunity to look at them with fresh ears and eyes. Let’s see.

Chris and Joanna

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