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Nutrition in the New Energies

This week we wanted to open a discussion on nutrition in the new energies. We thought it would be timely to do this now because we want to encourage anyone in their journey of discovering how healthy a relationship with nature can be and the alchemy of growing plants….So tis the season for gardening.

This is a timely conversation for Chris and me. We started to notice a bit more food sensitivity lately and were pretty bluntly told that we are getting into higher vibrations and we will not be able to tolerate certain items we ingested before. And we’ll tell you all about that during tomorrow night’s show…. …..Including a trip to the grocery store going down the isles with a huge dragon acting as our dietitian.

From what we have been told by the galactics, yes, there are food replicators out in the cosmos and humans hopefully will have access to such things sooner than later. But vegetables still seem to taste better home grown. So from what we are told, even the galactics grow many plants for consumption.

We are just beginning gardeners. And it wasn’t hard to figure out that home grown tastes better. However, we are told that the energies in these foods are higher as well…..and that is the alchemy of adding your own loving energies to the plant. We are learning a little more every year…..and luckily in the Southeastern U.S., squash grows easily. So yellow and zucchini squash are always a mainstay. Now, we are on the move. In fact, this season we are visiting family through the summer in Virginia and have only a small space to grow things in…..a patio block. So we have had to be creative. So can you say kiddie pool and grow bags! We’re gonna give it a try.

We have asked a few friends to join into this discussion. One of our friends, April, even wrote the blog for this week. And we hope this inspires you to give it a try….even in the tiniest of spaces.

We can’t wait to hear the galactic contribution on this! For us, it will never get old seeing a seed turn into a plant.

Chris and Joanna

For a beginning gardener or someone who just wants fresh herbs in their kitchen window it can be as easy or as hard as you make it. For those of you who have never tried it, go ahead and give it a shot. You will never know if you like something or not if you don’t do it. When you start your garden or your inside plants, choose seeds or plants you have an interest in. Plan out what you want to do. Start simple if you feel more comfortable. Research everything you need to know about each one. There is a lot of information out there on the internet and in books about gardening. Gather as much information as you can about them. That way you have a better understanding of what to do. Some people can stick something in the ground and bam, it grows successfully!! Others don’t have it that easy. So just take your time and research what you need to know.

There are many ways to garden. You can choose to grow in pots, in the ground, some do vertical gardening, greenhouse, and some choose hydroponics. There are many types of gardens too such as a themed garden and of course art inspired ones as well. The list can be endless. So be creative, it’s your canvas after all! You can go as big or as small as you like.

Besides growing your own food, medicine, and flowers, what else can you get out of gardening? Think about it for a minute. You are outside, your hands are in the soil, your breathing in the air, your having a quiet moment to yourself. Some would see this as a form of meditation. I know I do! I also talk to my plants at times even my indoor ones too. They are alive just like me and you. They can hear and feel as well. Try talking to your plants and say positive, encouraging words to them. Some people may not understand this but a lot of people do this. Remember everything is energy. Put forth happy, loving, cheerful thoughts to them.

Make gardening fun for yourself. Go get dirty, get dirt under your nails, and between your toes. I myself like to walk barefoot in freshly dug/tilled soil. I can’t resist!! Minus the rocks of course. To me, this is very therapeutic. I also like to smell the soil in my hands. Try it sometime! Take those shoes off and know you can always get cleaned up later. Be a kid and have fun.

Now along the way, if you encounter problems with your plants, learn what it is you need to do to make it better. Remember we as humans are always learning. Sometimes we may need a little help from our nature friends the Gnomes. Offer to share your garden with them for the help. Both can equally benefit.

There is so much we can get out of nature. Gardening is something we all should be doing even if it is small. Just visualize what you want and it can and will happen. Those of you who do garden should share your pictures and tips. We all could benefit from one another by seeing photos and learning from other people. If your one who does medicinal plants, please share all you know and have learned from them. Lots of folks I am sure would love to hear about it. If you garden organically and companion plant, please share your tips and photos. Some may be willing to share seeds too. All of us can create a great thing here.

Happy Growing,

April Colon

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