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Let’s Play Chess

So, have you had fun exploring this past month? We hope so. Did you look and discern with new eyes? Did you learn anything new? Are you seeing patterns? For us, we seem to learn something almost every day. So what about what is occurring right now? We have discussed much on the fact that the darkness has many means of vying for domination and control of the masses. So what is going on now? Many of you have often thought of the duality of light and dark activities and can think of it as a move-counter move…like Chess. And from what we understand, there is some truth to this. We think one side may cheat more, but they both skirt those rules of engagement….believe us! So this week we want to share with you our understanding of what is happening and about to happen in this “game” of light and dark.

Now please understand, we do not think of one human or animal or piece of nature as an acceptable pawn to be kicked off the chessboard at the player’s whim. No….we do not! We believe that it is time for the pawns to grow into the kings and queens that they are and change the game all together. But until we grow a bit more to take over, behind the scenes the dark and light keep playing.

Check mate for the darkness is their continued domination and control. As we have said before, the darkness has changed its face over the centuries from Mars and Maldek….to Atlantis … Eqypt….to Rome… kings and queens and religions… the banking system and multi-corporations. It has the ability to change and adapt appearance while remaining in control. Check mate for the light is holding the space for us to realize what we are in and provide the tools necessary to fully gain our sovereignty. What we really want to stress here is the one fact that we understand. No side wants to “lose.”

We ask you to think a bit on this. If our understanding is true…the face of darkness has just changed over time….and they have become more and more ingrained in our lives….why would they just plan to give up? Especially when they know the rules of the game….and humans do not. So what would a wise darkness do? What would you do if you were them? Would you possibly feed to them a false rule book….One that serves you the most? And yes, we are saying this as a truth….And thus why again we have been asking everyone to “Deny the Known.”

So what is in the actual rule book? Well, from what we understand and from what we have been trying to tell you throughout some of our talks, the biggest rule of all… the darkness... – they (the people) hold all the power and energy you need to survive and they have free will. So how are you going to obtain it? And as cold as this sounds, it is truth. From what we understand, there are other rules….like letting people know what you are doing….but it is this first fundamental one that people have the hardest time grasping and want to innately overlook.

The why do we want to overlook this fact is by longstanding design of the darkness. This is the most precious of secrets. The new energies have allowed this secret to come out,…but now we are so rolled up into this tangled ball of mess that we cannot even see all of the different aspects of energy siphoning. We know this has been mentioned on previous blogs and shows. There is just so much that we want to add another layer of understanding to this in a way that you can actually look for it.

Also understand, there are no making friends with the darkness. Humans are full of compassion and forgiveness….and that is a wonderful thing. But sending that forth is energy as well….and well, when you are getting hungry….food is food. Giving our compassion and forgiveness energy may not be as tasty or high caloric as anger or fear energy, but it will do in a pinch. And thus still feeds the beast.

So we hope you join us tomorrow night to discuss this further. We think you will find it amazing what we believe they are up to now.

So in our opinion, what is the bottom line? We must learn how this all works. And when will the pawns win? When we realize that we hold the energy prize within us and we decide to stop giving it to the beast. We must starve the beast.

Chris and Joanna

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