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Dream on and dream big. You know we believe in this! We have mentioned this over many shows and feel that daydreaming can literally change this world. Yes, imagination and playing in the mindful realm of infinite possibilities can enhance your life immensely if you daydream in those things you actually desire…..often times said as….for my highest good. Yes, we really believe this. So we want to devote time to this topic to really breakdown the joys and pitfalls of it all.

And as a reminder….We have also tried to let everyone know, who is trying to enhance their current psychic abilities, that imagination is a huge part of warming up the pineal gland for enhanced extra sensory perception. So again, we recommend everyone take time to relax and just daydream a bit.

So, how about night time dreaming….. Are you remembering more of your dreams? Do you keep a journal? To be honest, we don’t generally keep a journal, although Chris will write certain things down at times. But we do ask each other about how our night went. It is kind of fun to hear what each of us experienced in the night. Oftentimes there is laughter….sometimes pondering….but it is interesting.

We know that dreams can fall into certain categories…..

  • Subconscious reconciling where they mind is processing issues in our daily lives.

  • Dreams of wants and desires….co-creating.

  • Glimpses of something our soul self is actually doing while our Earthly body is asleep.

  • Dreams that are not dreams at all, but our remembrances of other past lives.

  • Dreams that are not dreams at all, but are forgotten memories of this life. And….

  • Darkness oppression where they are trying to steal energy or gain consent to dominate and control.

So, of the six listed….all seem to be okay but the last one. However, it can really be hard to distinguish which one is which…..that is, even if you remember your dreams.

Currently, of the two of us, Chris is remembering more and more of his sleep time dreams, while Joanna is still getting fragments. However, we were told we were going to experience certain things in our dreams to get a better understanding of how we give “consent” to allow certain things to happen to us. And we have, with amazement. Yep, they, the darkness entities, are sly… put it quite kindly (which is not what we really want to say….but we digress). When you hear the show and listen to the examples we give, you will understand why it is necessary to just wake up and revoke all agreements you may have given in the dreaming state. We were told that understanding how we give consent to things not good for us in both the dream state and subconsciously would take a while to gain control over….and we get it now.

We also want to make a special point to say that you need to revoke agreements made during daydreaming too. During our daydreams, we can play out all kinds of scenarios. There is nothing wrong with that. However, what can occur is that an entity can start to “play with you” and although you think your thoughts are all your own, others can be inserted. So you can accidently give consent through agreeing to intervene …..or take on something for someone else….or be willing to do something to stop something else….. Thus, then actually agreeing to something in the eyes of that negative entity who now takes advantage of the “agreement.” Is this right……No….No it is not! But the darker entities are not playing fair here either.

So, believe us, we get how unfair some of this is. We have had our own pity parties as well as shouting matches with any entities making us mad. Then we realize that they just had lunch off us. We roll our eyes at ourselves for falling for it again, and again, until we really decided to end it here and now, with help and understanding from our guides. We hope the show will be enlightening and provide you with a sense of empowerment to dream big!

Chris and Joanna

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