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The RA Group and our Earthly History

There are so many things within our earthly history that are not known that it is oftentimes hard to know where to begin. As we have said before, our universe is teaming with life with many races from all over the multiverse. Although unseen to most humans now, they have been intricately involved in our worldly affairs from basically the beginning. And as we have said before, most of these races have entered this expression and subdivided into either good or bad individuals within their race.

The worst of the evil here did not originate from here. This evil has a history. And it prevailed over many worlds before coming here. This evil doesn’t acknowledge a source or the infinite energies arising from The One. It only recognizes itself and the unending and insatiable appetite for energy to sustain itself. This collective, machine + being, lost its sense of “humanity” after “trans-humanism” to the extreme took hold and nothing was left of the entity except a shriveled piece of flesh, brain, or black goo encased in a sphere or decrepit being sitting in a chair ….never even remembering that it was once not a machine. The only thing left was an unceasing need for survival. The energy needed for survival comes from the energy from all other beings. And once these entities forgot that they were not actually machines, the auto pilot cut on and there could be no rational discussion or compromise. It was only to the last breath.

They, the Sphere Beings….also known as the Harvesters, pummeled every planet they came across until all of the energies were harvested and then they went on to the next world. This happened time and time again. And then our own earth became its next target. This was watched by many species on many worlds who knew that this must stop. They did not sit back and watch from a distance. Many sent delegations to try and assist. However, they were bound by certain rules of interference and had to oftentimes disguise what they were actually doing. And they did this willingly at the cost of their potential peril.

One such delegation was from the RA Group. This avian collective delegation was from the 6th density. The tone this collective sent forth was strong in loving unity. As individuals, they were also strong and advanced. And this was shown throughout their challenges with these evil sphere beings (aka…the Harvesters).

So, as we always now say….Deny the Known. Deny anything you have ever heard of this group and open yourself to hear our understanding of the group known as RA.

Chris and Joanna

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