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Soul Mates and Soul Family, Part 2

We have been asked many times about soul mates, twin souls, twin flames, soul family, etc. Over the years there seems to be new additional ways of describing these relationships with a new twist on the names given to these relationships. We initially discussed this back on Valentine’s Day in The Lifting episode entitled “Love”. And now it is time to expand the conversation even further. To remind people of part of the blog, we are reposting it now. It goes like this:

…We are only going to begin to scratch the surface of this in the blog and on the next show because there is actually so much to understand and un-do. But for now, let me tell you this. It is our understanding that every human in this expression was indeed created as 2 halves of a whole. Meaning, everyone has a soul mate….that other basic half. Your essence, the basic template, is the same. All were created this way with a soul mate. In separate terminology, it is our understanding that twin flames also exists, but they are members of the same soul group….not you soul mate. It is also our understanding that most of the time, in our many reincarnations that we do not come in at the same time as our soul mate. Usually one lovingly stays behind because they want to oversee and ensure that the one they want to be with the most has the learning experience that they desired.

So, does that mean people cannot have a wonderful loving relationship if their soul mate is not incarnate at the same time? No, absolutely not. For those lives, if having this loving relationship is a part of the plan, then usually a soul family member easily can fill the bill for that lifetime. And an interesting fact is that sometimes in steering a person to the one they were supposed to have an encounter (either short or long) with, that soul mate who stayed back may just walk into that other person just to have you magnetically being drawn to them so that desired learning experience can occur. And if it is meant not to last….well, that walk-in soul mate would leave at just the right moment for the failure of the relationship to occur because that was a desired learning experience. So, whether you realize it or not your other half is very present in your learning experience because they really love you. Also remember that we said we were in a time of overage of darkness, so there are entities out there whose purpose is to break up good relationships. So we go back to the beginning again…learning about self, protection, and discernment…..all keys to figuring out if this overage is the cause and not the partner.

For those incarnate with their soul mate, it is usually for a particular purpose. It is our understanding that during these times, there are more of these couple present than in the past. And it makes sense. The potentiation of energies given off from these couples will certainly affect the energies around them. Just living a happy life without notice or fanfare is enough to raise the frequencies…and many are here to do just that. But for others, there are different missions….however, all will aid in the rising of frequencies in whatever they do. And yes, they are pulled together like magnets. It does not matter about age, sex, religion, nationality, or any other 3D barrier you can think of. So their union could look unusual or unacceptable to some. But this is part of the point….to breakdown the known and see all the different possibilities of how love can “look”. There is so much to learn.

We are going to cover some of these basic concepts again tomorrow, but we want to enhance the conversation. Most people have no idea at all how involved their soul family is behind the scenes of their personal experiences. Many have just focused on the “mate” for their life and forget about everything else. But let us say that “It takes a village” to grow a soul. So we want to discuss how important are soul family is to our personal growth. We think you will find it amazing.

Chris and Joanna

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