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Tools for Healing and Protection….Revocations, Wards, Audits, and Affirmations

As we pull back the onion layers of understanding in our interactions with others…seen or unseen, knowingly and unknowingly, we are finally getting to see the huge tangled ball of mess we have gotten ourselves into. How in the world were we ever to understand how our past lives, or curses accepted by other family members, or rogue selves, or other dimensions, or other timelines, or other expressions, or collapsing universes, or invading timelines….etc. needed to be acknowledged and dealt with to keep them from interfering with our lives now??? How were we supposed to know that are dreams and daydreams are invaded by unscrupulous beings bent on gaining consent in the most deceptive of ways to allow them to cause mayhem and suffering on a day to day basis??? How were we to know that bad entities can basically body-jump from one person to another just by us saying yes to almost any question asked by that unknown human carrier??? How in the world were we supposed to know??? Well, simply put….we weren’t. Oh, the glory days of the darkness. It’s disgusting.

It is only the growth of humans in these new energies that are allowing people to see things for how they really are. Yes, in the past there were pieces seen and a knowingness to want to provide protection from negative contributing factors of hardship,…..but knowledge to this level is new. And it is up to us to spread the word to one another on how it all became the amusement park of horrors and what we need to do to shut down the carnival of doom forever.

As we have said before and wish to stress again, part of the learning at this time is to move from recognizing that you may receive help by unseen forces by asking for help to protecting yourself. In 3D it was not unusual to know about God or gods or saints or angels and believing in their ability to help provide us with needed protection or miracles. Our enhanced understanding of this now is that in many of these instances, it was one or more of your own guides who stepped in to assist. But now, we are slowly being weaned off of their assistance and doing more for ourselves. And this is how it is supposed to be. Now more than ever, people who are choosing to graduate from 3D are to pick up the pace of their own learning. This may be evident in several ways. Overall, simply put… that which worked before does not work now. This could be in the form of a prayer or request for outside shielding or help that seems to have gone unheard. Or, if you utilize seers and healers to fix your issues….well, if there is no substantial effort to learn protection skills, it just doesn’t seem to last. This is no fault of the seer or healer. There are just higher expectations being placed on those moving into the new energies. Now that does not mean we are left high and dry,…although we must admit that it does not take too much uncomfortableness to occur to make us feel that way at times. But it is the stress we need at times to make us want to learn these skills.

As far as healings go, sometimes what people are experiencing is not due to oppression. We are naturally entangled with entities of our own soul families as well as versions of ourselves that may be present elsewhere experiencing. Remember, there really isn’t a past, present, or future,….all is really happening in the now. However, not all entanglements are healthy for us at all times. Sometimes the ties must be cut to prevent undo interference in the experiences that are to be happening here.

So how do we take charge of our experiences? We do this by understanding how powerful we actually are and how our free-will and intent assists in our co-creative abilities. We have the ability to make declarations of how we will interact in this experience and with strong intent, those declarations are so. We refer to these declarations as revocations, wards, audits, and affirmations.

So join us tomorrow for an in-depth discussion of some of the most beneficial revocations, wards, audits, and affirmations we know and get a basic understanding of how to create your own. Then watch how these tools aid in positive changes in your life.

Chris and Joanna

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