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Why Me?

Do you think that there is a person on this earth who has not asked the question, “Why me?” For most, this generates thoughts of trials and tribulations, but it has also occurred during times of good fortune. So we often question both….Why was I the lucky recipient of this misery?....Or, why am I worthy? But that makes sense living in a time of duality, doesn’t it, as the pendulum swings back and forth; perfectly normal. But before we delve into the whys behind “Why Me?”, let us remind you why you ask the question in the first place.

First, you recognize that there are others around. Not a bad trait to have in these days and time. Most sociopaths and complete service to self beings don’t necessarily notice unless you are in the way or needed for their benefit. But also, we are still in duality and so you need something to contrast to….and that would be others in their situation as compared to you.

Second, you want to understand cause and effect….Again, another admirable trait. Humans are natural problem solvers and strive to do things easier and better. There is also cellular memory and attunement to our higher selves that may at times touch the Akashic records to see a cause and effect from past lifetimes. However, this is new to most and can go unnoticed consciously.

Third, and most importantly……programming. And this is how the darkness takes the first two qualities and then twists it for its own good. And why do we say this…..well, we say go to the end. What is the effect that occurs to most by going “Why Me?” no matter if surrounded by good or bad circumstances? Well, seems to us that it is confusion, shame, guilt, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, feeling sorry for yourself, etc. Nope, we can’t think of one positive self-feeling that comes upon this. So, who benefits from this? Or, at least, that seems to be our experience and those of the clients who come to talk with us.

Remember things that we have already spoken about. The darkness has spent thousands of years letting us know how things should be….defining goodness in a way unattainable by most everyone. And then they look for those who may be rising through the muck and then wack them back down. This is definitely set up to be a “Why me?” moment so you will reflect upon those unrealistic goodness standards to let you come to the conclusion that you are just not worthy for good things. Does this sound familiar? Does this ring true to your soul? If so, then congratulations … are now looking straight at your own programming. Now what are you going to do about it?

Luckily for most, just bringing it to your conscious attention helps to break the programming. It is a choice as to whether you are going to question what is in front of you with thoughts of worthiness, worthlessness, or nothing at all. So, how about a neutral statement….”It just is what it is.” For starters at least…..Until you kick that programming out for good.

But wait…..that’s it??....That’s all to the question of “Why me?” Well, of course not! We had to just pass through the one that stagnates us to get to the heart of the matter! Which is……”Why me?” Which for us is the only "Why me?” question that matters.

“Why me??? Why am I here now experiencing this at this moment in human evolution?”

Now, there’s a great question. And that’s what we want to talk about.

Chris and Joanna

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