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Shields Up!

Well now, have we been on the move! We started our slow and steady cross country trek and it has been interesting to say the least. I am happy to report that some territory that we re-drove felt better. For example, some of the battlegrounds we tried to provide healing to actually felt better. Which certainly helped boost our confidence a bit in what we are doing….I mean, let’s be for real….we need to see and feel proof at times to keep going down this path. I’m not ashamed to admit it. We do not do this in blind faith….and neither should you.

What was interesting however, was how more sensitive we seem to be becoming to energies of an area. So although last fall there may have been a feeling of heaviness and pressure when entering a lower density pocket….now it was more extreme. Now it could be more of a head and spine crush and bad nausea… would make you want to say “Ouch!” And squint a bit until the pressure was released. I think we were both a bit surprised by this.

We had no idea of where this would emerge and was actually surprised at times because the beauty of nature did not necessarily stop this lower density pocket. We cannot say that all pockets of lower density were just plain human choice. As before, there were areas coveted by the darkness and they kept areas lower in vibration for their own purposes. We always would declare neutrality, but were gently told that we alone could not change everything. So we would just bless the area and said what we could, but now know that it will take many of us to really clean up all of this.

There was, however, a theme emerging as we made our drive. How could one “lift” themselves out of such density while living in it? Yes, pure intent and will is one thing, but what about more? The guides kept reiterating alchemy and protection tools that could create a “bubble” of less toxic energy. And we felt that this was true. But when we actually knew it was true is when we drove up to a friend’s house.

In all honesty, we were a bit nervous because of the energy around where she lived. We did not know how we would manage there. But to our amazement, her home felt nothing like the surrounding area. It’s not that she knew exactly what she had done to make it nicer. She certainly tries to use protection and assert her will, but she unknowingly had some very powerful tools around that were given to her by someone before they passed from this world. And what was it that helped make such a drastic change…..well, looks like her friend knew how to make Orgonite. She had several pieces in different parts of her home. And it made a tremendous difference.

We met someone when we went to the Holistic and Spiritual Art Expo in Virginia and felt firsthand the powerful effects of Orgonite. The guides were quick to point out how important this was and how people needed to learn about it. They actually placed us across from one another to promote our interactions and learning. But it wasn’t until we had the experience with our friend that we really saw it in action. And now we feel compelled to bring this to everyone’s attention.

Again, this is a tool to aid in enhancing an environment…. Not to hide within it! But creating a place to do inner work helps. Having items like this around can disrupt other less desirable energies and thus it can act as a shield. So, we invite you to join us for an introductory discussion on the principles of Orgone, how to use it intentionally, and how it's an anchor for other dimensional support...presented by The Alchemist Chamber and Seina Deer Heart.

Chris and Joanna

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