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The Long and Unwinding Road

Yes! An unwinding road. For months now we have been letting people know that we are all in the process of learning and growing and unwinding from the tangled ball of mess that we unknowingly at times put ourselves in. So how are you doing? I would like to say that we are and have been great…..nothing but smooth sailing in heaps amount of jovial and joyous rhapsody. But if we said that, then we would be lying…..and for many of you, if you agreed, you would be lying too…..and we all agreed to be authentic! So let’s be real.

If there are folks out there who have had nothing but harmonious joy without moments of challenge, then I say genuinely, “Good for you!” And I really mean it. The energies coming in recently have been brewing up many things for people to look at and deal with. If you have already dealt with all and have been able to hit the “on” button to the cruise control, then just keep shining. Your energies will help all of those around you. Not much we need to say here. And I am not sure you will get much out of this particular blog and show…..because this week is dedicated to those of us struggling.

We kinda liken this experience going on right now to….a tube of toothpaste……yes, toothpaste. You see, for those who intend to move on into the new learning expression there is a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done…..this thought is not new to most. Feeling that you may be a tangled ball of mess is not unusual either. So what is new…..well, it is the experience of undoing it all. And that can be bumpy and uncomfortable at times. We know ourselves and we feel you all could tell stories as well. This is where we all want the instant “poof” and it is done. Or…. if you have moments of real peace….then often the feeling is…..why is it so fleeting….where I barely catch my breath? Yes, it is challenging….and thus the tube of toothpaste.

So, think of yourself as a glob within a toothpaste tube. And think of deciding to go into this new curriculum as the approval to have the tube being squeeze. Then, once you leave the small opening….you are through and head deep into 5D……Yeah!!!

The information that we have been trying to provide….. such as, protect your own energy….stay away from “the for and against” mentality…… brush off and learn discernment skills to guide you in what you want to be around and what you want to stay away from ….honor that truth and realign yourself for your highest good….. Be authentic…… honor others as to where they are in their learning process (even if it is not where you want them to be)…… let go of need to control everything and let go of people if need be….. Live in the moment, etc. These are the expectations to easily move through 5D….it is what we are working on. And we mean working on….not perfected….but working on.

So you, as the glob, first have a lot of wiggle room to move back and forth and up and down and backwards and forwards as the tube is beginning to be squeezed. But the more it gets squeezed….well now….hum. Is it getting a bit more uncomfortable? Get it? Feeling the pressure? Most of us are somewhere here….feeling the pressure…… if we are to be honest with ourselves….or maybe not and this blog is all about the self-help that I need…..could be true,….but I don’t think I am alone…LOL.

So this week we want to take a moment to put our wet finger to the sky to see how the winds are blowing. We will discuss the current events as we understand them to be and the skills we are all working on as well as what we need to “bring to the table” to keep moving along our path in a way that teaches us our needed lessons with the least amount of “growing pains” as possible.

Chris and Joanna

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