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Feng Shui-Creating Positive Ch’i

The Lifting has spent a lot of time talking about good energy, positive environment, getting rid of stuff and keeping our lives and the air around us positive and in balance. We have talked about serious, sometimes unsettling issues, but always talking about the truth of what is really going on out there. So, on occasion, we need to lighten things up and take a look at other tools, cultures and teachings that we can use to improve our lives. We need to be serious about teaching the real truth, but we also need to venture out and have some fun with other ideas and other ways to enhance our everyday life. We always need to have an open mind to all possibilities. Feng Shui (pronounced Foong Schway) is called the “Art of Placement” which creates Ch’i. Ch’i (pronounced Chee) is the breath that is essential to our physical, environmental, and emotional balance. The art of Feng Shui started becoming part of our culture in the 1970’s. Although we did not start practicing this art until the 70’s, the Chinese have been practicing Feng Shui for over 5,000 years. It could be much earlier than that, but written documents from 5,000 years ago prove it was part of their beliefs and practices and was a vital importance in their lives for thousands of years. As the Chinese immigrated around the world, they brought along the knowledge and practice of Feng Shui.

There are many books and articles on Feng Shui and each may vary a little from each other, but the basis of this art is to teach you how to take your home, your office and all places you spend time at and make it an environment where the energy flows and helps create happiness and prosperity for all that reside there and all that enter in.

On Tuesday’s show, we are going to talk about what we all can do to make our environment and the energy that flows around and through us productive and help create positive Ch’i. We are going to talk about the branch of Feng Shui called the Ba-Qua (pronounced Pa Kwa) or in Chinese which translates to “Black Hat”. The Ba-Qua is in the shape of an octagon that can be overlaid over a sketch of your house or any place you reside, which includes your body. Each side of that octagon represents a part of your life and body and shows you what should be in that corner of your house in order to create positive energy. It helps in all areas of your life such as wealth, good relationships, career, health, knowledge, travel and luck and so much more. It teaches us that it can be done when you live in the right place, with the correct placement of items, coordinating with nature, sound and color.

There are so many things that people find it hard to believe in, but we are revealing and showing you that all things are possible and just because you cannot see it or have not experienced it, does not mean it is not real or true or does not work. Remember, we have told you that anything applied with good intention and the belief that it will work and it will help make changes in your life, is worth trying or at least looking into. Who doesn’t want more happiness, prosperity or a well-lived life? So on Tuesday, let’s talk about Feng Shui and have a little fun discovering all the different ways to enhance our life.

It will also be very interesting to hear what the Galactics have to say about Feng Shui.


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