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Stopping to See the View

We think it may be time to stop and reflect. Much has occurred in the first 8+ months of this year. For one, we began this show…..The Lifting. This is the 31st Blog. It is hard to believe that 31 blogs have even been written. Not that we weren’t inspired to do this…. We were. But the fact that we had only a basic idea of what we felt we needed to do and then jumped with naïve exuberance…..Thank God! I don’t know if we would have dared if we really realized that there were 52 weeks in a year…. Thus 52 blogs and shows. Since when did I ever have that much to say! Well, I guess I can only speak for myself……Chris on the other hand….well…..please….don’t get him started…LOL. But on a serious note, we are both amazed at this journey to date with you and all of the guides. Now as we reflect, we understand that we were not supposed to know everything. We were to just honor our hearts calling and begin…. Because beginning is the hardest part at times.

For us, our life became quite mobile since April 1st. Our path has taken us through many places, as some may have seen from the photo albums Chris posts on Facebook. We are now almost smack-dab in the middle of the U.S.. We are in Kansas City, MO. I can tell you that I never dreamed of the highs and lows that we have experienced along the way. Some were brought about by natural life events that came in expected order and out of order, leaving us in various states of recovery. And some were brought about because of our own personal desire to grow. We have felt joy and oneness and almost intolerable lows that were needed to spur a whole new way of viewing life. So hopefully by now you see that we are no different than you.

Oftentimes we have no idea how far we have come unless we stop to look out and see the view. How different are you since the first of the year? Have you changed? Are you still feeling stagnate at times? Are you still feeling that you are a victim in your own life or are you beginning to feel empowered? Have you improved on your authenticity, protection, and discernment skills? And what about that heart space? Can you feel it yet? We were told in early June that there would be a measurable difference in our lives. That we would begin to think with more ease and clarity. Do you feel this is so? I specifically remember hearing Simeon and others talk of this…. With the caveat that there would be a few “bumps” in the road. I guess my next question should have been…..define “Bumps”? For us, they were large. I hope yours were small…. Or better yet, that you don’t even feel that you felt any.

One thing is for sure, as we have personally told many and have alluded to on the show, we have now come to the realization that we are meant to experience all of what we speak. We are to walk the talk and experience the challenges and joys to give the fullest understanding of what we speak. We (and I mean Chris and I) have been at times stubborn, judgmental, egotistical, and quite pathetic for sure with all of this, but we have also been amazed, exuberant, inspired, and just plain silly as well. At times we feel very confident, and then there are those time we are totally lost. To be completely honest, in the past few months, we have questioned the entire premise of what we are doing. And in the depths of our despair have cursed our guides and anyone else in our path…..If we are honest. In the story of the squeeze of our toothpaste tube…. I guess you can say that we unknowingly "held on to the last drop”. But that was last week…..and this is now. And sometime between then and now, something changed for the better. Our path has been renewed.

I think we found our heart, and it feels good.

Chris and Joanna

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