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The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

So, how many times have you heard someone say….or have said yourself….”Fine, I will do that myself!” When it comes to crossing the bridge of 4D we hope everyone is starting to realize that this is the right response! But within other aspects of life, we have used it out of frustration….that others we depended on either did not have the same timing of importance or did not seem to have the vision you desired. Such is life in 3D. It was, however, a useful tool to set up a “this or that”, or a “for and against”, or a contrast. Again, used to give you a good look at what you really want.

In 5D If you choose to do things alone, then great. What you will find is that you begin to co-create at a much faster rate. However, if you choose to work with a group at times, then part of 5D learning is to work together more effectively by honoring all. It will take time to un-learn some of those habits that have us focus on only our own needs (or agendas) within a group. Yes, it will take time. But this is unity we are going to be learning….. so that means others count too.

So, how are we going to break out of the 3D mindset and move into 5D? Well, we think we are getting a glimpse. And it all begins with that heart-filled space and desire to move into a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Then we resonate that frequency and others in that same space are able to notice. Then, as a wonderful Source would have it, each would possess a different skill set. All skills would be necessary to complete a project that in all minds would work to move into a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

I guess for many, this sounds exactly like how they feel they have operated in the past, or at least tried to. But from what we understand, it may have been harder before. There were, and still is for many, a lot of interference and many obstacles that keep us from this desired goal. What we are saying now is that as you work on your inner self and lift past some of those barriers of 3D, opportunities may arise to collaborate again. This is new energy and new learning, so we hope you will be willing to try again. And not only do we say that opportunities will potentially arise again, but we are feeling that this was the “plan” all along.

We think we all instinctively knew how the darkness had a stronghold on us all. And boy did they like to play “whack-a-mole”. So how in the world was one to rise above it with needed information and tools? Especially when it appeared that they tried hard to set our minds to “every man for himself”….so no one else to rely on. We actually did not know the how, but we have been trying to “walk the talk” of just going to the end and seeing a more beautiful way.

You see, in the truest sense, you do not have to know the” how” because Source sure seems to. Source allowed the scattering of the puzzle pieces to the winds….and what we mean by puzzle pieces is us. But on his table, we are just right over there, or right over there, or right over there….not too far apart at all. All that is needed is the right communication and we come together in the most synchronistic way. And we are bold to say that this is what we planned. To grow, to learn, to conquer inner “demons”, and then to “magically” come together, for all the right reasons.

We have been blessed to see and be a part of some beautiful synchronicities and convergences. And we would like to take a moment to talk about how one occurred. This is just one of many for us and one of many that will begin to happen to a lot of us. I guess it will seem like a miracle at times…..and it should, but also shouldn’t because how else were we to come out of this tangled ball of mess ourselves? We don’t always know how,….but we don’t need to. Why spoil the journey.

Chris and Joanna

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