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A Pause

We would like to pause and take a moment to reflect about recent events. Many people have been affected by multiple tragedies in the last few months, some personally and others by remotely seeing these tragedies and then developing fears and concerns of their own. These are obviously challenging times. We here on The Lifting send out our loving concern to all that have been affected. And we know those that follow us do the same.

We wish to say that we believe a moment to pause and reflect is very appropriate at this time. Pause to reflect on how this is affecting those closest to issues and society as a whole; Pause to reflect on the world as it appears to be and the world you desire; Pause to reflect on your sense of sovereign being-ness with co-creative abilities; and pause to reflect if you are using your co-creative abilities or letting others use them for you.

We have mentioned before that prayer is a form of intended co-creation. And we have echoed with many that the power of prayer has worked to create real miracles. But we want to reiterate why. People who have prayed for things such as cancer to be gone or tumors shrinking do exactly that. They send out thoughts of tumors no longer there or cancer no longer in one’s system. They, as we say, go to the end and start seeing the person as whole. This is how co-creation works in a healing modality. So we ask you to consider this as you pause to reflect.

Can you imagine a world with less dramatic weather? Can you envision going to events where all are full of joy and depart and arrive safely? Can you imagine learning to work together for a common goal where all are honored for their individual contributions? Because we believe this is how we begin to co-create a new and better world. Can you pause and take a moment to see a world like that? Is that what you want?

For those saddened to the point of thinking, “Nothing will change”, we only state our truth….that change is one of the only constants in life. What kind of change do you want? Constant fear and anxiety has never lead to a better world, it just separates us more. Please think on this as you take a moment to pause.

We would also like to announce that we are visiting friends and family currently in Lincoln, NE, and have spotty internet service. Therefore we will have to postpone new The Lifting episodes for a few weeks. Our next live show will be Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Our next live Q and A will be Thursday, October 26, 2017. We will try to release other You Tube videos for you to watch until we come back live again.

We wish you all much love and peace.

Chris and Joanna

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