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Authenticity….For the Highest Good!

We have to tell you, we sit back in amazement at times when we look back on some of the encounters we have had. I am sure you are all saying….” Of course you are! I would be amazed too if I could see the things you two see.” And yes, that too, but it is not what we mean. What we are referring to are the regular humans that we have had the pleasure of meeting and especially those who seem to just inspire us without much effort.

We think you have all met such people throughout your life. There is something inspiring about the apparent effortlessness of their being. Now there could be all kinds of reasons why you feel this way about someone, and being human seems to have us admire someone who has what we perceive we want . But we are getting even more specific here and are talking about those who live with great benevolence of heart and are true to their own authenticity.

You see, being authentic is a verb. It is your truth in action. So besides just figuring out who you are, it requires the heart and courage to live it without apology. Now we have to tell you, it appears to us that those with mainly service-to-self heart felt intention may have an easier time being authentic in that path…..and definitely without apology. So in that sense, you can admire the fact that they are living authentically as well, but this is not what we want to talk about. For it is our belief that the cards have been a bit stacked in allowing and condoning their behavior. And we will give an example of this tomorrow night. However, what we really want to talk about is having a general service-to-others identity and living and honoring thy-self and thus others in return.

Chris met such a person several years ago. And although it took several years to finally meet her in person, that impact was felt on many levels. During a brief face-to-face encounter last November I was lucky to be there as well. So when we were welcomed into her home, we realized that we had just walked into a personal space that reflected her authenticity and truth….and I am bold to say, a truth that has been there bursting through from many past lifetimes as well. We had already been amazed by this person because of her passion and truth that we could easily feel from her. Through this passion and caring for others she brought through many meaningful pieces of work to humanity. But when we finally met her and saw her surroundings, we realized that this is what it really means to live an authentic life, a true beautiful example of living that authentic life without apology. And we still speak with so much joy when we recall our visit.

We want to now share with you all that she is. The person gave us this prayer we often refer to. We feel it reflects key aspects of some of our beliefs and believe this prayer reflects a basic truth which honors all. You may have heard us refer to:

The Law of One

We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I am,

and I am one with All there is,

That only the highest good occur.

So be it, and I am grateful that this is done.

So tomorrow night, we want to have a talk with an amazing person who has lived in the most authentic of ways. We honor her and all others who know that being authentic is an active verb. She has inspired us and we think she will inspire you as well.

Chris and Joanna

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