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The Halloween Episode – Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!!

This is going to probably be the shortest blog ever. For what can you say about Halloween besides ghosts and all things scary? For us, I guess it was the discovery of what was really out there. And as we have been learning again and again….welp, you know the phrase by now….deny the known.

Last year this time, we were in Salem, MA. We wanted to experience Halloween at a place renowned for it. And we were not disappointed. But there was so much more we learned as well because believe it or not, Salem is considered neutral ground to the galactics every day of the year. That was an amazing experience to see all matter of galactic individuals getting along….or at least tolerating each other. We had never heard of a place like that before. And it was a challenge too….because now we were faced with being side by side with those we would not normally get along with and neutrality was taken very seriously. It also seems that is how we portray Halloween here on earth; where all come out at the same time, if only in imagination, and get along for one night at least….. Or so we try. We mean….when is a vampire and werewolf ever to get along??? Never, I guess except on Halloween.

But since then, we have experienced a lot more that has given us an even better understanding of all things ghostly…..and we need to share. For us, this is very real…ghosts and such. So we will tell all. For us, it is truth. You will have to decide if it is a trick or a treat.

Chris and Joanna

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