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Now You See Me……Now You Don’t!

As we have watched all of the chatter around us, we know that there are so many out there who want to have contact with entities not normally associated with our current life as we know it or not born of this world. For it is our understanding that there are both beings who call this world home just like we do, as well as those who call elsewhere home that do not openly associate with most humans. And we understand this desire, because so do we.

We also think people use the word disclosure at times to represent all of the worldly and different off world races of beings that we have not knowingly had contact with…..but we believe exist….so we want official recognition of this fact. And we understand this as well. However, it is our understanding that such open and official recognition would cause more harm than good at this particular moment in human linear time. And the harm could be on both sides. Not only would some in humanity not be ready mentally, emotionally, and spirituality, but since the darkness is still very much around and active, that these entities would face a safety risk as well. So no matter how much you want to see and speak and develop a relationship with them openly, would you be willing to place them at risk of being captured and enslaved by the darkness? We sure hope your answer is no. So for a few, there is covert dialog going on….But it is monitored closely as to not put either party at risk.

So much for official acknowledged contact. However, it is our understanding that this official recognition will occur no later than 20 years from now….with fingers crossed that it will be sooner. Now what??? Well, let’s think about this. We have tried to tell people that many of these races do not want you to think of them as “Gods” just because they have gained the ability to do more than us right now. And for most of you, we feel you have scoured the internet looking for pictures of the different potential races out there. But have you really envisioned how any of these beings would really look if they were right in front of you? And how you would react or what you would say or how you would feel about yourself as compared to them? Ask yourself, when was the last time you went to the natural history museum and stared at some of those dinosaurs and say this is what a dragon looks like…..could I handle one appearing right next to me?? How would you react? What would you say to them? Would you be afraid you would be eaten or hurt? Could you tell if they were good or not so good? Then how would you react to an 8-15 ft human looking person? Think about it. Could you carry on a regular conversation? What do you think of an alligator or crocodile standing in front of you on two legs or on all four? What would you do?

As we have mentioned before, the benevolent galactics have at times tested the human populace to see their reactions….and so far it hasn’t gone well. And this was with beings who were more humanoid in appearance. But they haven’t given up, no, just made other plans to slowly lessen the shock and awe of it all. So, what have they done? Well, for one, they have been a part of introducing shows that give a more normal behavior and lighthearted approach. You see, most beings have things like families and inter-dynamics of a family unit. Most have their own personalities just like us….. Not just a generic scripted way of being…..such as the character of Spock on “Star Trek”. So our TV and movies have changed to show these more accurate interpersonal relationships. Simeon, one of our guides, has pointed out two… we have seen, and one we have yet to see but plan to. The first is “The Orville” and the second is “People of Earth”. Both add humor and down play people feeling so subservient ….. Which we are told is key to when official disclosure occurs.

But that is official disclosure time. And this is now. So how else can they contact us and begin a dialog? Well, you would really be amazed. Unofficial contact, to prepare everyone for official contact, has been well under way for quite some time….. And that is what we want to talk about. Most would be amazed to find out that they pop in and out all around us… a manner safe for both. And in doing this, prepares us for less shock and awe and more loving friendship when official contact occurs. Now you see me, now you don’t, will be the course of the day, as well as writings and emails all to prepare us for what we really want….happiness, joy and peace with the meetings soon to come.

They have infiltrated different areas to help us understand the real inner workings of our world. The galactic races all know about what has been going on here….we don’t….so we need to know first to prepare us for dealing with these other races. They also use technology at times to blend in and not appear to be so different, such as a holographic look vs. their real appearance. At times, those ready may see through these holographic images to see the truth. So ask yourself, how would you react? Remember, they measure reactions to know if it is time or not for official contact.

So come and join us as we speak more about unofficial contact and what to expect.

Chris, Joanna, and Katryna

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